It comes as no surprise that hair is important for all of us. Extreme hair loss can cause hair thinning and baldness. For hair loss, consider Acell PRP hair regrowth therapy and to regrow hair, try hair transplant. Please contact us to know the cost of these treatments in Dubai. This blog post explains how effective Acell PRP therapy is for hair loss.

If you are fighting hair loss and looking for an effective option, this topic is for you.

What is ACell PRP Therapy?

ACell PRP is an advanced method to cure hair fall thereby increasing hair growth. This technique tries to make hair stronger and healthier to curb hair fall. Most important, the growth factors in PRP trigger hair growth. This option is good to put an end to abnormal hair loss and hair thinning.

It is minimally invasive and thus has negligible side effects but there is no downtime.

What about Bald and Thin Spots?

Though ACell PRP therapy can control hair fall and promote hair growth, it is not possible to regrow hair on bald areas using this technique. The hair restoration surgeons recommend hair transplant to restore hair growth on bald areas of the scalp.

It naturally regrows hair by transplanting hair grafts from one area of the scalp to another.

Cost of ACell PRP and Hair Transplant

As a matter of fact, hair transplant requirements vary from person to person. That is why; it cost is also different for different people. The same holds true for ACell PRP treatment.

The Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic charges a reasonable price for all hair treatments. You will have to consult one of our experts to know exact ACell PRP therapy and hair transplant cost in Dubai.

Thinning Hair to Winning Hair

You should also try Acell PRP hair regrowth therapy in Dubai if you have already lost a great number of hairs. For bald spots, consider hair transplant; contact us to know its cost in Dubai. Visit us and discuss your problem with one of our experts. Before you visit, please schedule an appointment to save time.

You can call us or fill an online form to contact us.

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