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Average Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai

What is the average cost of hair transplantation in Dubai? As mentioned above, there is a very wide range of fees for hair transplantation in Dubai. Some low key clinics may charge AED 5 per graft (approximately US $ 1.30). At the other end of the spectrum, there are clinics charging up to AED 35 plus per graft (US $ 10). Good Hair Transplant clinics with experienced and well trained doctors will charge an average of AED 12 to 15 per graft (US $ 3 TO 4 approximately).
If you are planning to have hair transplantation in Dubai, then you must do your due diligence. Seeing the results is the most confident building aspect of your selection. You will see a lot of hype as you will visit a few clinics in Dubai—you will be able separate the wheat from the chaff after a few clinic visits.
You may be able to ask for a discount sometimes particularly if you are having a large sessions or more than one person is planning to have the procedure from the same clinic.
If you want to get more information about number of grafts required for a hair transplant surgery you can use a Graft Calculator

Hair Transplant Cost FAQs

What is the hair transplant cost per graft?

Clinics normally use “per graft” cost structure but can be other charges as well. Per graft cost can be different for different methods of hair restoration. Mean to say, the rate can be AED 10 to AED 12 for FUT and AED 15 to AED 20 for FUE.

What is female hair transplant cost in Dubai?

In general, hair transplant cost is the same for males and females. However, in some cases, there can be some differences.

Who are the best hair transplant doctors in Dubai?

Always check the qualification, experience, and reputation of hair transplant surgeons before you choose one for your hair restoration. All of our surgeons have got expertise in this area and they enjoy a high success rate.

Is hair transplant a success or failure?

Your hair transplant will be successful if you and your doctor take proper care before, during, and after the treatment. to get the best possible results. you should choose an expert.

What are hair transplant side effects?

There are minor and temporary side effects that treated areas can get. For example, temporary injuries, scarring, bleeding, itching, swelling. The person will be totally fine in 7 to 14 days.

Our Clinics

Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic proudly announces the inauguration of its Abu Dhabi and Sharjah hair transplant Clinics. As per the norm of HTD, we have equipped the clinic with state of the art machinery and facilities, and hired some of the best names from hair transplant industry. We are offering latest hair transplantation techniques such as Stem Cell FUE and ACell/PRP hair restoration at highly competitive rates.

Cost Comparison of Hair Transplant Procedures

Are you seeking an effective and permanent solution for hair loss? A hair transplant surgery is probably the best option. But obviously like many other things in life, hair restoration is also not offered free of cost. Cost can be one decisive factor for individuals seeking a hair transplant surgery in Dubai.

With advancements in technology, surgical hair restoration has become quite affordable for even a layman, but still there is no fixed cost for the procedure. Hair transplant cost in Dubai varies significantly from one person to another depending on the technique used and several other factors. Read more

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