Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai

Hair transplant cost varies significantly from one person to another depending on the technique used. There are three hair transplantation methods most commonly used for hair restoration, and cost for every procedure is different from other. Here we will discuss cost of all the three procedures.

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Cost of Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT)

Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) is the oldest technique used for hair restoration. Also known as the Strip Method Transplant, FUT involves cutting a strip of hair bearing skin from the scalp and dissecting it under a stereo microscope to separate individual grafts. These grafts are then transplanted in the areas of need. Since it does not involve a lot of time and effort of the surgeon, it is the least expensive hair restoration method among all, with average cost of FUT hair transplant being anywhere between 10 to 12 AED per graft.

Cost of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is an advanced hair restoration technique which involves direct extraction of grafts from the donor area. A specially designed punch tool is used for removal of donor grafts one by one. These grafts are then transplanted in the bald or thinning areas just like the FUT method. Extracting every graft individually requires a lot of time and effort of the surgeon and is therefore a little expensive as compared to the traditional FUT method. Average estimated cost of FUE in Dubai 15 to 20 AED per graft.


Cost of Stem Cell FUE

Stem Cell FUE is the latest advancement in surgical hair restoration. Also known as Direct Automated FUE, it uses an automatic punch tool for harvesting donor grafts. Use of automatic punch tools has not only made the extraction process easier and faster but it also allows extraction of a small part of the follicle, while a part of the follicle remains behind, from which new hair can sprout. This makes Stem Cell FUE a scarless hair restoration method, which allows hair regrowth in the donor area as well.

Other Factors Determining Hair Transplantation Cost In Dubai

Besides hair restoration technique, there are several other factors as well that play a vital role in determining cost of hair transplant in Dubai. These include:

  • No. of hair grafts required for desired thickness
  • Size of the area that needs to be covered
  • Texture of the donor hairs
  • Experience and expertise of surgeon
  • Geographic location of your provider

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