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men hair loss treatment in dubaiIs there any difference between hair loss in men and women? Sure, there is. Most men lose hair due to the balding gene. Women also lose hair due to balding gene, but there are many other causes that can trigger hair loss in women. Furthermore, hair loss pattern differs in men than in women. Men lose hair from the hairline and the crown of the head. On the other hand, hairline of women often remains intact while they lose hair from crown and split of the hair.

There is another difference between hair loss in men and women. While women often experience overall thinning of hair throughout their heads, men seldom experience this. Most men lose hair from hairline and crown, but retain healthy hair at the sides and back of their heads. This presents them with a marvelous opportunity to regain hair with the help of a hair transplant. Let us discuss hair transplant and other hair loss treatments for men.

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Hair Loss Treatment for Men — Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplant is the most effective treatment for men to regain lost hair. Nature has put a balding gene in men, but it has also blessed them with some reserves of balding resistant hair follicles. A hair transplant uses these reserves in the best possible way. Let us see how a hair transplant helps us to regain our lost hair.

A hair transplant consists of two steps. First step involves extraction of donor hair follicles. Men have reserves of balding resistant donor hair follicles at the back and sides of their head. For permanent results, it is necessary to extract balding resistant hair from balding resistant areas. Newer FUE (follicular unit extraction) technique can extract hair follicles from body areas as well. Body hair are not of same quality as scalp hair, but they are highly balding resistant, and provide a good substitute in case of limited donor hair supply on the head.

In second step of hair transplantation, extracted hairs are planted at the desired area. The surgeon created tiny holes at the recipient area and plants hairs in it. These planted hairs attach themselves to the blood vessels of the recipient area and start growing. Contact us to know how much would the hair transplant cost in Dubai be.

Hair Loss Treatment for Men — Medication

Medication is not as effective as a hair transplant, but there are certain situations where you may prefer to have medication. Usually, doctors prescribe medication if hair loss is at initial stages. Medication cannot regrow lost hair, but it can stop hair loss, and make thin hairs healthy ones.

Finasteride is the drug approved by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat hair loss. A hormone called DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) triggers hair loss in most males. Finasteride effectively inhibits DHT and stops hair loss. It also strengthens fine hair to become thick and lengthy. To date, Finasteride is considered the most effective medication for hair loss treatment in men.

Minoxidil is a topical solution that has shown promising results to stimulate hair growth. This solution needs to be applied twice a day on the scalp. The results of Minoxidil are more pronounced when used in combination with Finasteride.

These medications are effective, but most people avoid them due to their side effects and inconvenience. Furthermore, they offer temporary results and you have to use them indefinitely to maintain results.

Hair Loss Treatment for Men — Low-level Laser Therapy

Low-level laser therapy has shown some results regarding hair growth. It is convenient to use and has less side effects as compared to medication. However, the extent of effectiveness still remains debatable. It is good option to try. If you obtain your required results, you can use it and have great hair.

All the above-mentioned treatments have their place, but a trichologist can be of great help in deciding the right one for you.

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