Female Hair Loss Treatment

Female Hair Loss Treatment

Female Hair Loss treatment

Studies have found that over 40% of the women in Dubai – both the natives and the expatriates – are affected by hair loss. The degree of hair loss in women is less severe than Hair loss in men; but the effect can be more devastating for females than their male counterparts. It can be a serious blow to a woman’s self-esteem. Even when the hair loss is so prevalent in women, our cultural norms still do not expect women to lose hair and rarely accepts those with bald patches on the head, caused by any factor.

When an individual initially starts losing hair, he/she does not exactly know where to go for help and whom to consult. And since hair loss doesn’t threaten a person’s life, even most of the doctors don’t take it seriously, without realizing how traumatizing and devastating it can be for the sufferer, especially women, for whom hairs symbolize beauty.

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Is Hair Loss Treatable?

People are often misguided by telling them that hair loss does not have any cure. Once it has started, it will stop at its own after you have lost the due quota of your hairs. But this is not true. Most dermatologists are not trained in diagnosing and treating the causes of hair loss. The most they can do is, treat your scalp if your hair loss is due to scalp infection or a similar disease. The fact is, hair loss is mostly curable and reversible, all that you need to do is, figure out the underlying cause.

What are some treatments for female hair loss?

Females can try PRP therapy for hair, mesotherapy for hair, low-level laser therapy for hair, and topical medications to control hair loss.

What causes female hair loss at temples?

Females often lose hair due to female pattern hair loss. There can be many reasons for the hair loss at temples. A dermatologist specializing in hair growth may be able to find out the actual cause.

How hair thinning at crown occurs in females?

Females do not normally develop thinning at the crown area but it can occur in rare cases. There can be a variety of reasons for this problem.

What is the front of head hair loss in females?

Hair loss on the front side of the head can occur in females in rare cases but it is not common. A number of factors may contribute to a receding hairline.

Hair Loss Causes and Treatments:

The proper female hair loss treatment in Dubai means thoroughly investigating the cause of hair loss and treating it accordingly. Not as widespread yet, but the doctors are available who specialize in hair loss and its treatment. After finding the right doctor, the next step is finding the underlying cause of hair loss. Here are three most common causes of hair loss in women and their solution.

  • Alopecia Areata – Bald Patches

Symptoms include bald patches anywhere on the scalp, varying from the size of the 10-Fil coin to total hair loss. It can happen at any age, but is more common in younger women. An auto-immune condition is the cause, where the body’s defense cells attack the hair follicles effectively destroying them. It may occur after infection (like flu), vaccination or stress. Steroid injection into the scalp can subside the inflammation and trigger regrowth, but needs repeated treatment after 4-6 weeks. Immunotherapy is another option, where a chemical is applied to the skin on a weekly basis.

  • Diffuse Hair Loss

Diffuse hair loss is a general thinning of hair, whether it is temporary or chronic. It is usually triggered by a medical condition. For example, diabetes (type 1 and 2) or deficiency of nutrition (like iron) can trigger this type of hair loss. Additionally, many different drugs are linked to this problem. Stress and psychological trauma are also associated with diffuse hair loss. In many cases, this recovers with time. Minoxidil is often prescribed to counter thinning of hair in women.

  • Female Pattern Baldness – Androgenic Alopecia

Female pattern baldness is equivalent of male pattern baldness. In this condition, hair is lost behind the hairline, and there is an oval shaped area of thinning hair on the top of the head. Hormones are a major cause of pattern baldness. Some females are genetically more prone to pattern baldness. It is very common after the menopause, when estrogen levels drop significantly. Medicines like Minoxidil may help, but only for as long as you use it. Hair Transplant surgeries are also an option for women with pattern hair loss, but only in case they have notable bald patches and healthy donor hair. You can ask us if you want to know our hair transplant cost in Abu Dhabi.

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