FUE Hair Transplantation Cost

FUE hair transplant cost in Dubai

Cost is one of the primary concerns when deciding about any surgical procedure and the same goes for hair transplant surgery. Many people nowadays prefer Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) over traditional hair transplantation methods for its minimal invasive nature. But they are always concerned about the cost of procedure as FUE costs a little more than FUT hair transplant cost in Dubai. Here we will explain you why FUE transplant costs more and if this high price is justified or not.

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Why FUE Hair Transplant Costs more

As stated above, FUE cost is usually compared with its closest alternative, the strip removal method, also known as FUT hair transplant. Since both techniques use hair from the patient’s scalp for transplantation purpose, there is no obvious reason for this difference in price. But if you look into the procedures, FUT is an easy way to harvest large number of donor grafts. All that the surgeon has to do is excise a strip of hair bearing skin from the scalp. The technical staff then dissects this strip under powerful microscope to separate individual grafts.

FUE, on the other hand, requires extract of each graft individually. Therefore, to extract 2000 grafts, the surgeon has to make at least two thousand punches. Besides that, extraction of grafts through FUE method requires more skilled and experienced surgeon. This is why FUE transplantation costs more as compared to the traditional strip method transplant.

What is average cost of FUE Hair Transplant 

The cost of FUE transplant depends on several factors. It primarily depends on the number of grafts required. Experience of surgeon, repute of the clinic and its geographic location also play a key role in cost determination. Having that said, there is no fixed cost for FUE Hair Transplant in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It varies significantly from patient to patient and from one surgeon to another.

AT Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic, estimated cost of FUE hair transplant is 15 – 20 AED per graft. However, this cost can vary based on the aforementioned factors. Exact cost of procedure can be estimated only after evaluation. To know the exact FUE Hair Transplant cost in Dubai, or for a customized advice, schedule a FREE CONSULTATION now by filling the form below.

What is a Follicular unit?

A hair follicle is a cell in the scalp that grows hair. These cells can have one to five hairs. A Follicular unit is a hair follicle that grows hairs. This single unit plays an important role in a hair transplant.

What are FUE hair transplant side effects?

Just like other types of hair transplant, the FUE method also has some minor and temporary side effects. Minor swelling, slight bleeding, and shock loss. In some cases, infections can also occur if the proper can has not been taken. These side effects subside in two weeks and the person will feel normal.

How much does an FUE hair transplant cost?

The cost of a follicular unit extraction hair transplant can be different for different people. It is due to the reason that the rate depends on the number of hair grafts required, the level of expertise of the surgeon, and the geographic location of the surgeon. Please contact us to know our rates.

How I can get a free consultation for FUE hair transplant cost?

We are one of the leading providers of FUE hair transplant and a consultation with a hair transplant surgeon may not cost anything. All you need is to call us or fill our online form to schedule an appointment.

Is high cost of FUE justified

Now comes the million dollar question that whether this high cost of FUE hair transplant is justified or not? Answer to this question depends on the particular situation and needs of the patient as well as his preferences. If you are really bothered by prominent scarring, like in case of FUT hair Transplant, FUE may be an ideal procedure for you. But if a patient is equally good candidate for both FUE and FUT transplantation and scarring does not bother him as such, he should opt for the latter to save cost.

But it is not only scarring that makes FUE a preferred choice. There are numerous other benefits of FUE hair transplant that justify the high cost. Some of them are listed below.

  • FUE does not involve cutting and stitching of scalp.
  • FUE involves minimal bleeding.
  • FUE offers less discomfort and pain as compared to FUT.
  • FUE has less downtime as compared to strip method transplant.
  • FUE does not cause a prominent, telltale linear scar.
  • FUE allows the surgeon to extract donor grafts from body parts other than scalp.

Having that said, it is always recommended to discuss your options with your surgeon and let him decide which technique is best for you. After all, he has specialized in hair transplantation!

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