Eyelash Hair Transplantation Cost in Dubai

Eyelash Hair Transplantation Cost in Dubai

Eyelashes hair transplant in DubaiHow a person would look without eyelashes? Just imagine! Whatever image comes in your mind, one thing is for sure, it is not an impressive picture. There are a number of reasons a person can lose eyelashes, including excessive use of eyelash extensions, skin infection, ailment, chemotherapy and Trichotillomania – an impulse control disorder characterized by irresistible urge to pull out hair from scalp, eyebrows and eyelashes.

Fortunately, eyelashes can be restored in the most natural way through hair transplantation. At Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic, we have a team of highly skilled hair transplant surgeons and technical staff that has a vast experience of performing eyelash hair transplants. It is a very safe procedure with highly predictable results. The procedure involves extracting fine hairs from the rear of the head and transplanting them on the eyelids. Both FUT and FUE techniques can be used for graft extraction, the former is obsolete though, because patients nowadays prefer scarless FUE method. It not only reduces the discomfort but also the recovery time. The transplanted hairs continue to grow over time you’re your normal eyelash hairs. Once fully grown, transplanted eyelashes don’t need any special care or attention.

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Eyelash Hair Transplant Recovery

Recover from eyelash hair transplant is usually safe and quick; given you follow your surgeon’s post op instructions carefully. There are several Dos and Don’ts that you need to take care of after the procedure. Some of them are listed below:

  • Apply Cold Compression:Expect some swelling, bleeding and tenderness in your eyelids following the procedure. Gently apply cold compression to your eyelids to minimize the discomfort.
  • Don’t Rub Or Scratch Your Eyes: As the wounds begin to heal, you will feel mild to severe itching in your eyelids. Resist your urge to rub or scratch the eyes. Instead, apply the prescribed ointment for relief.
  • Take Medicines: Regular intake of prescription medicines is crucial for quick recovery. Your surgeon will prescribe you antibiotics as well as pain medications to minimize the post-procedural discomfort.
  • Don’t Touch Your Eyes: Avoid touching your eyes unnecessarily. Even when necessary, wash your hands with some antibacterial soap; otherwise you may end up developing infection in the wounds.

Show me eyelash hair transplant before and after pictures?

Before and after pictures of a patient help you understand the difference a particular treatment is going to make. You can check before and after pictures of all procedures on our website.

What are the eyelash implant's pros and cons?

This procedure will be effective and safe if you choose a surgeon with a high success rate. Eyelash implant or eyelash hair transplant is can be a huge success or it can leave permanent side effects. So always select a reputed surgeon.

How long do eyelash implants last?

Eyelash hair transplant can deliver long-lasting results. One performed successfully, the eyelash area naturally grows hair. In general, results can last for a lifetime.

How much do permanent eyelashes cost in Dubai?

The cost of permanent eyelash transplant in Dubai varies from person to person. Our rates are not too high and you should contact us if you want to know how much we charge for a hair transplant.

Eyelash Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai

There is no fixed cost for eyelash hair transplant; rather it varies significantly from one person to another based on multiple factors. Listed below are some common factors that determine eyelash hair transplant cost in Dubai.

  • Number of Grafts Needed: the more grafts you need, the higher the eyelash hair transplant cost will be.
  • Hair Transplant Technique Used: strip harvesting will cost you less as compared to the more advanced FUE graft harvesting method.
  • Experience of Surgeon: expertise and surgical skills of the person performing the procedure play a key role in determining the cost of eyelash transplant. A highly skilled and reputed surgeon will obviously charge you more.
  • Geographic Location of the Surgeon: cost of surgery varies significantly from one place to another. Eyelash hair transplant in Dubai is several times cheaper than getting the same procedure done in some developed country.

Consider all these factors when planning to undergo eyelash transplant. You can save a significant amount of money on eyelash hair transplant by vigilantly planning your surgery. For example, most of the reputed hair restoration facilities offer lucrative deals on special occasions like Eids, Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day and many more. Schedule your surgery accordingly. Besides that, best hair transplant clinics also offer financing plans. Discuss with your provider if they also offer financing for the surgery or not.

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To know the exact cost of eyelash hair transplant in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, schedule a FREE CONSULTATION now by filling the form below and let one of our highly skilled hair transplant surgeons assess you.

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