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Since the introduction of surgical hair restoration back in 1950s, hair transplant surgery in Dubai has improved a lot. Today it is the finest hair loss solution, equally effective for both men and women. Thousands of people undergo surgical hair restoration every year to cover their balding thatches in a natural way. This FDA-approved hair restoration method is without any doubt the most effective and the safest method to regain lost hair. But as they say, exceptions are always there, bad hair transplants are also possible. Yes, even in this era of technology. And in some cases, the results were so discouraging the people wished to go bald again.

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Do you know what the reason behind pluggy and unnatural looking hairlines is? Unskilled hands! When done by a highly skilled, experienced, board-certified surgeon, hair transplant is always a successful event, but getting the procedure done by an inexperienced doctor or a nurse practitioner on cheap rates could result in complications like pluggy grafts, too high or too low hairline, unnatural hair direction, scarring problems, cobblestone effect and/or unnatural coverage attempts.

Whatever the case may be, it would always be rated as a bad hair transplant. If you are also struggling with one or more issues that have been stated above, then don’t fret. As they say, for every problem there is a solution, for every hair transplant snag there is a fix. There are numerous repair strategies for bad hair transplant that our surgeons use here at the Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic.

Fixing Pluggy Grafts Problem:

The latest technique that our surgeons use to fix bad hair transplant is Stem Cell FUE hair transplant. Also known as Direct Automated FUE, the procedure involves removing the unnatural looking pluggy grafts with a specially designed mechanized punch tool. The pluggy grafts are then carefully trimmed under a stereo microscope to get grafts or desired size, with 1 to 4 hair follicles. These grafts are then re-implanted in a more natural and aesthetic manner.

Improving Appearance Of Scars:

Stem Cell FUE method is also used for growing hair in the telltale linear scars resulting from traditional Strip Removal Method Transplant. Healthy, balding resistant follicles are harvested from the back or sides of the scalp and planted in the scar tissues to improve the appearance of scar.

Covering Any Bald Patches Left Behind:

If you have some bald patches left behind during initial hair transplant, or you just want to cover thinning patches resulting from progression of hair loss, we have another restorative technique for you called camouflage. The technique involves extracting new hair follicles from a healthy donor area and transplanting them in the bald patches or the areas with significant hair thinning. Both Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Stem Cell FUE are used for camouflage purpose.

At Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic, we have highly skilled surgeons who have extensive knowledge and experience of fixing poorly executed transplants. If you are interested, book a free consultation now by filling the form below.

The outcome of your surgery depends a lot on the experience, expertise and the surgical skills of the person performing the surgery. Besides that, the technique used also plays a crucial role in making your hair transplant surgery a successful event. Fixing a bad hair transplant especially needs more skills and expertise. Therefore, it is important that you opt for a highly skilled and experienced surgeon with a significant experience of fixing bad hair transplants. If you are seeking services of a skilled surgeon to fix bad hair transplant in Dubai, contact Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic and you would not be disappointed.

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Some of the most commonly fixed bad hair transplant issues that our surgeons deal with include:

  • Poor hair direction
  • Inconsistent hair growth
  • Too high or too low hairline
  • Bald patches left in between
  • Scarring on donor and/or recipient area

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February 18, 2016
bad hair transplant fixing

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Since the introduction of surgical hair restoration back in 1950s, hair transplant surgery in Dubai has improved a lot. Today it is the finest hair loss […]