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Hair loss is a quite common problem affecting men and women of all ages and ethnicities. Gone are the days when hair thinning and baldness were associated with old age. Nowadays, bald patches start to become visible in boys as young as in early 20s. We totally understand that this is extremely disastrous and morale sapping, but unfortunately you can’t blame anyone except your genes. Over time these bald patches just keep getting wider and wider, leading to partial or complete baldness by the time you reach 40s. But luckily, there is a really effective solution available to counter baldness. Yes, I am talking about Hair Transplant Surgery. Surgical hair restoration may not help you restore a hairline that you had in your teens, but it will definitely help you restore a youthful appearance.

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One question that the hair transplant surgeons answer dozens of time every day is about the age limit for hair transplants. If you are also wondering if there is any age limit for a hair transplant surgery then you have come to the right place. Here we will answer your question in a non-technical way.

According to the hair transplant experts, ideal age for surgical hair restoration is 40 years and above. As by this time hair loss has matured and stopped. The patient has developed a baldness pattern and it is easier for the surgeon to craft his new hairline and the crown area. But this should not mean that you cannot get a hair transplant before 40. With advancements in hair transplant surgery techniques, hair restoration is now possible at almost any age.

Nowadays, young boys in their 20s are benefitting from hair transplant surgery. But surgeons don’t recommend a hair transplant before 25. As at this stage hair loss is still progressing and any further hair loss after the surgery can result in unnatural appearance. The transplanted hairs grow at the growth rate of half an inch per month, whereas the surrounding areas will get thinner and thinner due to hair loss progression. This is why hair transplant surgery is not suggested to young patients with androgenic alopecia.

If you are struggling with early hair loss, your doctor may prescribe you medications such as Minoxidil (topical hair growth supplement) to keep the hair loss under control until you reach the right age of transplantation. You can also benefit from temporary solution like hairpieces, toupees and wigs to hide your balding thatch while you wait for the right age.

Having that said, age is not the only factor that is considered while determining an individual’s candidacy for hair transplant surgery. There are several other factors as well that the surgeon considers before finalizing a patient for surgical hair restoration. These include family history, hair type and texture, donor hair supply, skin laxity and medical history. Based on this evaluation, your surgeon will decide the right time for surgery.

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January 28, 2016
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