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A bald spot on scalp is one of the obvious signs of Alopecia – medical term used for hair loss. If ignored or left untreated, chances are that the hair loss would become permanent and the chances of regrowth from the affected follicles will decrease drastically. Most of the Alopecia types are completely preventable as well as treatable, but only if diagnosed in the initial stages. A small pea-sized bare patch can easily grow to the size of a quarter and larger within a few months, if ignored. Therefore, a quick reaction is a must as soon as you notice a bald patch on your scalp and try any best hair loss treatment.

Here are 5 things you should do if you have bald patches on scalp.

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Schedule An Appointment With A Trichologist

A trichologist is a hair care professional. As soon as you notice a bald patch, visit the best trichologist or a dermatologist in your vicinity for a diagnosis. Based on your clinical history as well as the physical examination, your doctor will determine the type of alopecia you may be suffering from and help you recover from it, both through medicines as well as changes hair care regimen.

Assess Your Hair Care Routine

Most of the time it is your poor hair handling that leads to hair loss. There are many causes of hair breakage, including improper detangling or unhealthy hair styles. These not only break hair strands, but also put a constant pressure on the follicles underneath the skin. Over the time the follicles become scarred and their ability to regrow hairs is affected. Review your hair routine and try to figure out the underlying cause or you will continue shedding hair.

Follow A Healthy Hair Care Regimen

As stated above, poor hair care routine is the most common cause of hair loss. If you wish to enjoy a healthy mane, follow a healthy hair care regimen that consists of properly shampooing and conditioning. Shampooing your hair too often or too less is not good for your shafts. It removes the healthy hair oils, leaving behind dry and damaged locks. Similarly, proper conditioning is a must to keep your hairs adequately moisturized and frizz free. If you have severely damaged hair, use protein based deep conditioner once a week to rebuild shafts.

Limit Use Of Hair Styling Tools

Heat from hair styling tools is most damaging for your hairs as well as the follicles underneath your scalp skin. It can worsen existing hair loss and excessive use of styling tools can trigger alopecia as well. Hair styling tools that can damage your hairs include blow dryers, flat irons and curling rods. Blow dryers, particularly, should be avoided, and if necessary to use, set it on the lowest heat setting.

Wear Hair Friendly Styles

One of the most common types of temporary hair loss is traction alopecia, caused by constant pulling of hairs. And one of the most common causes of traction alopecia is the hair style that you wear. Wearing hairstyles that require pulling hairs tightly, such as tight braids, ponytails, cornrows and dreadlocks, all exert constant traction on the strands as well as the follicles. Over the time the follicles become damaged and lose their ability to regrow hairs. Therefore, always wear your hair in low manipulation styles.

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December 28, 2015
Alopecia bald spot picture

5 Things You Should Do If You Have Bald Patches on Scalp

A bald spot on scalp is one of the obvious signs of Alopecia – medical term used for hair loss. If ignored or left untreated, chances […]