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A Hair transplant is a state-of-the-art technique used to help people restore a thicker and fuller head of hair by producing natural looking, permanent results. In this time of competition people want to look physically attractive so they could advance in their careers with much needed self-confidence and by looking youthful and fit to the opposite sex. A hair transplant surgery promises you all these traits and that too in the safest and the most effective manner.

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Surgical hair restoration has helped thousands and thousands of hairless people regain their youthful and attractive appearance again. A hair transplant surgery in Dubai is a simple procedure in which the surgeon takes healthy, balding-resistant hair from the back or the sides of the scalp and implants it in the areas of the head with low hair density or bald spots. Unlike other hair restoration methods such as hairpieces, creams, extensions and medicines, that require repeated use and cost highly, hair transplant surgery promises natural looking and permanent hair that continue to grow for a lifetime.

Although the bald look is in vogue for men, most men opt for a hair transplant surgery and here are some of the reasons why.

Physical Attraction

Evolutionarily, socially and biologically, human beings want to look their best, primarily for their own satisfaction and then to attract the best potential mate for them. A head full of hair is an indicator of youth, beauty, health and fertility. Therefore, it is very natural for people to get attracted and drawn towards those wearing a fuller head of luscious hair. Likewise, it is natural for people to feel turned down by unsightly bald patches on the scalp, as it is associated with ill health and old age. A hair transplant is the only solution that allows people restore a fuller head of hair, without it appearing artificial.

Getting Ahead in Career

Studies have shown that attractive and youthful people are offered more opportunities for career advancement as compared to those with compromised physical appearance. Having a full set of hair not only makes people look attractive but also provides them with the confidence and self esteem required to look sharp and powerful at the work place.


Hair is an integral determinant of a person’s physical appeal, and losing them at any age can be a traumatic experience for anyone. People relate hair loss with losing confidence. Losing hair anywhere on the body is an unfortunate event, but the loss of hair on your head is particularly traumatizing. A person can look older beyond their years. Growing old with a fuller head of hair certainly boosts a person’s self-confidence as when you look good you also feel good.

Permanent Results

As soon as a person begins to lose hair, he uses different ways to stop it – buys hair creams, goes for oral ointments, wears hats, wigs and hair extensions. But all of them offer a temporary solution and most of them produce unnatural looking results. Only a hair transplant surgery allows growing hair from the hair follicles taken from the patient’s own body, mostly the scalp. This way it not only allows the patient to get natural looking results but the hair thus grown are also permanent and do not fall off under the influence of male pattern baldness.

A hair transplant is a wonderful solution that you should opt for to restore a thicker and fuller head of hair. It is pertinent to mention here that not everyone is a good candidate for a hair transplant surgery. It is the job of your surgeon to decide if you are candidate for hair transplant and if yes then which technique will be best for you.

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Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic is a leading hair restoration facility in the United Arab Emirates offering surgical hair restoration at highly competitive rates. We have a team of highly skilled and certified cosmetic plastic surgeons with several years of experience in FUE and FUT hair transplantation in Dubai. If you are interested in the procedure, fill the form below and get a chance to earn FREE CONSULTATION with our experts.

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