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Different beard styles are popular these days and men want to try them. The people who have low beard hair volume or have bald spots within the beard area crave for getting more hairs. A bread hair transplant can naturally grow hair on beard area allowing the person to try all beard styles. With more men taking, beard hair transplant cost in Dubai has decreased recently. How much do I pay? Here is some discussion about hair transplant cost in Dubai.

This blog post discusses the reasons why hair transplant is getting more popular in men.

If you are a man with a low beard hair volume or bald beard spots, this topic is for you.

Reasons to Try Beard Hair Transplant

There are a variety of reasons to undergo a beard hair transplant. Most people take it to grow more hair on the beard area. Here are the notable reasons to try this remarkable treatment.

The cost has lowered down

The beared hair transplant cost has lowed recently.

You can pick different beard styles

The people who like to grow a beard also like to try different beard styles. Such people may not be able to try different beard styles due to a low number of hairs. A beard hair transplant can help these people get more hair and try all styles.

You can get about 3000 hair grafts

The beard area seems to be a small area but one can get as many as 3000 hair grafts. Please note one hair can grow 2 to 5 hairs and the overall volume can be increased to a great level by taking a beard hair transplant.

New hair will totally be natural

The hair you grow through hair transplant is totally natural and you can trim or shave those hairs. However, you will have to wait for a few months until you start shaving them like the other hairs.

Your own hair will be used

One of the benefits includes the usage of the same person’s hairs. If you have hair on the scalp or chest, you can be a good candidate for a beard hair transplant.

Short process; can take about 4 hours

The procedure to extract hair from the donor site and transplant on the recipient site does not take long. About four hours are enough to perform it.

Ready to Improve Beard?

You have read how beard hair transplant cost is calculated by hair restoration surgeons. You need it if you want to naturally grow more hair on your beard area. If you are interested in it, you should visit us to know how much you will have to pay.

If you want to know hair transplant cost in Dubai, contact us now, book a consultation session, and know our price.

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