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One of the most frustrating things for a man planning to grow facial hair is dealing with bald spots in the beard. Beard makes a man look more masculine and mature but not every man is blessed with thick, lush stubble. Some struggle with beard thickness while others find themselves helpless against the bald spots in beard. Remember you have a very small part to play in growing a beard. It is your genetic makeup that plays a huge role in determining how your stubble will eventually look like. But even if all the men in your maternal and paternal family have thick, flowing beards, this does not guarantee that your stubble will grow without issues. You may be struggling with patchy beard, with a few hairless spots here and there. Here we will explain how to deal with bald spots in beard and grow that thick full beard that you desire:

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Improve Your Diet

Whatever you eat translates into your hair, not only those on your scalp but also your facial hair. If your beard hairs are thin and lifeless, or you are unable to grow hair on sideburns, just take a closer look at your diet. Are you consuming a healthy, balanced diet? By healthy, balanced diet we mean three full meals containing a healthy mix of all the essential nutrients. If your answer is no, then stay assured it is your diet that is hindering the beard-growing process. To fill in those bald patches, fill your bowl with a health mix of fresh fruits, veggies and lean meat. Make sure you consume a combination of proteins, vitamins, minerals and iron every day.

Take Care Of Your Beard Hair

Sometimes it is the poor beard hair care that results in patchy beard. If the bald spots in your beard are due to damaged hair, use hair care products just like you use for scalp hair. There are beard conditioners available in the market to help repair damaged beard hairs. You can also benefit from massaging. Like scalp massage, beard massage also enhances blood circulation in the beard area, strengthening beard follicles. This ultimately improves thickness of the facial hair and encourages dormant follicles to start robust hair growth. Beard oils are easily available in the market, but it is always suggested to opt for natural oils, such as castor oil, coconut oil and jojoba oil. Massage your beard daily or on alternate days using any of these oils, focusing more on the bald spots.

Medicines for Stubborn Bald Patches

If you fail to fill up the patches with healthy diet and incredible hair care regimen, you are probably low on testosterone. Low testosterone and high Dihydrotestosterone levels are often the cause of patchy beard. If this is the case, Minoxidil application may prove helpful. It is a topical hair growth stimulant that is primarily used for triggering hair growth on scalp, but it has shown encouraging results when used on face. Apply Minoxidil to the bald spots twice daily for 2 to 3 months and you will notice significant improvement in the condition of bald spots.

Beard Hair Transplant

Minoxidil is really effective in stimulating hair growth, but like any other hair growth medicine it gives temporary results and the grown hair begin to fall off as soon you discontinue the use of medicine. If you are seeking a permanent fix for bald spots in beard, look no further than a beard transplant.

A beard transplant is similar to the hair transplant surgery in Dubai performed on the scalp. The procedure involves extracting healthy hair follicles from the back of the scalp and implanting them in the bald patches of beard. It takes up to a year before a person is able to see full results of a beard transplant, but once fully grown, the hair are going to stay there for the rest of your life.

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January 12, 2016
beard hair transplant

How to Deal With Bald Spots in Beard?

One of the most frustrating things for a man planning to grow facial hair is dealing with bald spots in the beard. Beard makes a man […]
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