You’ve cleared your mind and organized everything you need to do. The weekly review is a powerful productivity ritual regardless of whether you GTD or not, so we wrote a standalone guide for how to run your weekly review. Identify the next action for each project by tagging it with the label “@next.”  To add a label, simply type “@” into the task field and start typing the task name. These are tasks that take longer than 2 minutes but only require one step. For example, “reply to Josh’s email about project pricing” or “renew car tabs.” You don’t want them cluttering up your inbox, but they also don’t belong in any other project. While GTD requires an upfront investment in time and energy to set up, it pays off with consistent use.

If I’m waiting for someone else, check in with that person to see their progress and if needed, help move the project forward. When actionable Kanban cards require no further planning or coordination with others, they are probably just a single step. And since it is an actionable item (but for later), then it is time to figure out what the nature of the action is, who, and when the work needs to be handled. Because there are some dull rainy days when you can look through these work cards in the reference column and find interesting stuff to dig into. It doesn’t matter whether it is an idea, a thought, a thing you should do, or an email to write. Create a new standalone card and put it in the capture column.


Still, it’s a game-changer if you often feel overwhelmed and struggle to keep track of important information. Some people might get overwhelmed by this productivity system. “Email client regarding the project” goes into“Waiting For,” as you need to wait for their response before proceeding. “Buy groceries after work” also stays on the “Next Action” list.

gtd methodology

The review step enables you to refine your time management workflows and identify the next steps. To get started, import Todoist’s GTD Weekly Review template into your projects list. This template includes all of the steps gtd project management you’ll need to complete your review each week. Customize the template by adding sub-tasks or task comments to hold the lists of all your inboxes and your current areas of focus or to track reflections on your week.

Getting Things Done (GTD): Summary, Methodology, and Flowchart

Then you’re a perfect candidate for the Getting Things Done self-management system. This is a root problem for poor productivity and procrastination. We are simply overwhelmed with tasks and email that put us under pressure and stress.

gtd methodology

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You’ve cleared your mind and organized everything you need to do. The weekly review is a powerful productivity ritual regardless of whether you GTD or not, […]
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