When Will I Go Completely Bald?

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We all fear that the little recession that has just started to appear on the sides of the forehead is ultimately going to progress into a completely bald thatch. While baldness is very rare in women, hair shedding starts giving them nightmares of a hairless head, then what can one expect from men, who are already prone to baldness. One question that comes into the mind as soon as one starts shedding hairs abnormally is, “When will I Go Bald”, just to get mentally prepared to wear a bare thatch. But the good news is that baldness is not the end always. Everybody loses hairs differently, and has a different balding tendency. Here we will explain you how hair loss treatments and progresses.

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Baldness is caused by a type of hair loss known as Androgenic Alopecia, a mix of hormonal and heredity hair loss. Your balding pattern as well as degree of baldness is pre-written on your genes. Each person is different and so each balding experience is different. Usually it takes 15 to 25 years for the hair loss to attain ultimate pattern. And this is a significant amount of time that allows you to take preventive measures to control it at any stage. If your scalp skin started to become visible in early 20s and you have severe balding genes then get ready to wear a bald thatch anywhere between 35 and 40.

However, this can vary significantly from one person to another depending on a number of factors. If you diagnose the problem quite early and start treating it with medications or any other effective natural remedy, chances are high that balding process may stop or at least slow down. In rare case, one may go completely bald within a year. But this is very rare and if it happens, stay assured it is not androgenic alopecia. Male pattern baldness progresses gradually and in a defined pattern. It begins with hair thinning in temples, followed by a hairline recession. As the hair loss progresses, the hairline proceeds further backward from the sides and the pattern resembles alphabet “M”.

Some patients go bald on the crown area alone while their frontal hairline remains intact. Others live with a receded hairline as well as bare vertex, and yet another group goes completely bald at the front and top, with a frill of hair on the sides and back. Therefore, one can safely say that predicting hair loss pattern is nearly impossible. It is never like your hairs will start shedding from one corner and following a straight line reach the other end. You may lose some hair and then retain the pattern for a good few years before the hair loss comes back all of sudden, taking your Norwood scale from luscious 2 to infamous shiny 7 within a few months. Some men also start losing hair quite late, like after 35 and go completely bald by 40.

Bottom Line is that hair loss is highly unpredictable and it is very hard to determine when you will go fully bald. It can be anywhere between a few months to 25 years.

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