What happens when your hair transplant goes wrong?

What if your hair transplant went wrong? It is one of the scariest things to even think about. Although very rarely, but it happens. Doctors are after all humans, prone to committing mistakes. Sometimes it’s not even the surgeon’s fault; sometimes your body rejects the overall procedure. But once it happens, what is the cure? The cure lies in hair restoration revision surgery.

Why you might need a hair restoration revision surgery?

There are many reasons one might require a revision surgery. One of the most common reasons is transplant done using old techniques. Hair transplantation industry has progressed immensely over the last few years. Earlier techniques lacked the natural look and feel of transplanted hair. Many people claimed that it looked like a doll’s hair. Today much sophisticate techniques are used which will eliminate any difference between natural and transplanted hair. Another reason is that people are not satisfied with the way their hairline looks. A restoration surgery can be performed to make your hairline more appealing. The third most common reason is uneven thickness of hair. If your hair is thinner at one place and thicker at other, it does not look visually appealing. These are three most common reasons people go for hair restoration revision surgery.

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How this surgery works?

This surgery does not follow an exact same pattern for each individual. Each individual getting this surgery done wants a unique outcome from this surgery depending upon the reasons for which he is getting the surgery done.  Although the general procedure involves removing bad hair follicles, placing new hair follicles to suit individual’s needs, camouflaging various grafts, redefining the hair line and other aesthetic corrections.

How many sessions are required?

Number of sessions varies depending on the damage done due to other hair transplant techniques.  The number and kind of aesthetic corrections you require will decide upon the number of sessions. Some patients might need only one session while others might require three to four sessions. The effects of hair restoration surgery will be dramatic and will impart you with a new level of confidence.

 How to avoid hair restoration revision surgery in the first place?

In order to avoid hair restoration surgery, you must do a lot of research before getting your hair transplant done. There are many factors one must consider before going for a surgery. They include:

A reputed clinic

A reputed clinic is most likely to perform a miracle rather than a disaster.

Repute of thee surgeon

You must consider experience of your surgeon as a crucial part of how your surgery will turn out.

Clear picture

You must have a clear picture in your head of what exactly needs to be done. Convey it to your hair transplant surgeon in the best possible manner.

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Pay attention to the details

Pay attention to the little details of your transplant. Notice what kind of hair line you want, what volume and thickness you desire. Are your results practically achievable? Discuss these details with your doctor during consultation and remove any doubts. Settle on if you are 100% satisfied….


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