Top 3 Options For Hair Loss Treatment in Dubai

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Hair is a marvelous gift of nature. Whether you are a man or a woman, hair is an integral part of your personality. But most of us have to face hair loss in our lives. According to estimates, around 95 % men and 70% women have to face minor or major hair loss in their lifetime.Read the following lines to know the hair loss treatment in Dubai that really work.

However, there is no magic pill yet invented to stop hair from falling, or regrow lost hair. There are few effective treatments to slow down, stop, and regain hair, but countless hair growth scams and conflicting information has made it virtually impossible for a person with average knowledge to choose the right hair loss treatment in Dubai.

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Like all other treatments, hair loss treatment is not a one size fits all. The best way is to diagnose the cause of hair loss and treat it accordingly. In most cases, hair loss is due to genetic reasons, but it does not mean that genes are the only reason. A trichologist (doctor of hair and scalp diseases) must examine your hair loss and prescribe tests if necessary. Knowing the cause and treating it accordingly is the best strategy.

Causes of Hair Loss

There are a number of possible causes to trigger and accelerate hair loss. Here are the most important causes to consider.

  1. Genes: Genes are the most important cause of hair loss. However, other causes coupled with genetic hair loss can accelerate hair fall. Even the major cause of your hair loss is in your genes, a trichologist in can guide you effectively control your hair loss.
  2. Cosmetics The use of wrong cosmetics and harmful procedures can be a cause of hair loss. If you are predisposed to genetic hair loss, you must be extra cautious about using hair cosmetics and hair procedures like blow-drying and ironing.
  3. Traction: Certain hairstyles exert continuous force to the scalp. This traction can permanently damage hair follicles. If you like to have braids, ponytails, and pigtails, check your scalp regularly for early signs of traction alopecia.
  4. Diet: In a small number of cases, nutritional deficiency may be a cause of deteriorating hair. Fortunately, taking right diet can help you to stop your hair loss, and have your healthy hair back.

Hair Loss Treatment in Dubai

Besides treating the underlying cause of your hair loss, there are some treatments available to treat hair loss. The following three treatments can be considered to treat your hair loss.

  1. Medication

There are few medications available to counter hair loss. Finasteride, Minoxidil, and ketoconazole are three medications approved by FDA to treat hair loss. Although these medications are effective, they have their own set of problems. First, the effectiveness of these medications varies from person to person. Second, their benefits last as long as you continue their use. If you ever decide to stop their use, the hairs you have grown or maintained by the use of these medications will vanish within a few months. Lastly, they are not without side effects. Have a good deal discussion with your doctor about the side effects before using hair loss medication.

  1. Low-level Laser Therapy

FDA has approved some low-level laser devices to stimulate hair growth. They lack many side effects that are associated with medication, but have one major shortcoming as well. Their effectiveness varies greatly. No one can say for sure, how much hair you will gain with their use. However, if it works for you, it is better to use them instead of medication.

  1. Hair Restoration Surgery

Hair restoration surgery is most reliable method to regain hair. Hair restoration surgery, commonly known as hair transplant, takes balding resistant hair follicles from the donor area, and plants them into desired area. If you have sufficient healthy donor hair, you can effectively restore your hair with hair transplant. FUE (follicular unit extraction) can extract hair follicles from your body parts, like chest and legs, and plant them into the desired area of your head.

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