The top men’s hairstyles to hide thinning hair 2017


It’s very painful to style your hair if you are suffering from excessive hair loss. You don’t want to set your hair into an outdated hairstyle just due to your thin hair and visible scalp.

If you are suffering from hair loss and considering yourself as an unlucky person, then don’t think so because it’s natural to suffer from hair loss. And most of the men around the world are also undergoing through this disturbing problem.

Men’s Hairstyles to Hide Thinning Hair 2017:

Well, no need to get worried because here are the top men’s hairstyles to hide thinning hair 2017, which are also ideal to hide bald spots on your scalp.

  1. Short and textured
  2. Parted fringe
  3. The Fade
  4. Swept back
  5. Short Combover with Temple Fade
  6. Messy side part
  7. Balding fade haircut
  8. Short Mohawk with shaved sides
  9. Spiky balding haircut
  10. Ivy league with long side part
  11. Comb over for bald receding hairline
  12. Retro pompadour for thin hair
  13. Fauxhawk with shaved temples
  14. Gradient grey crew cut
  15. Clean shape-up with bald fade
  16. Messy high and tight
  17. Tapered hipster cut with beard
  18. Crew cut with mustache and goatee
  19. Grey high and tight with beard
  20. Pompadour and fade
  21. Spiky crew cut
  22. Long hair with a beard to match
  23. Crew cut with long beard
  24. Tapered fade with man-bun
  25. Platinum pompadour with undercut
  26. Balding but sleek ivy league cut
  27. Blonds streaked tapered fade
  28. Classic comb-over for balding men
  29. Messy side trim
  30. High fade with beard
  31. Ivy league for balding men
  32. Spiky textured haircut
  33. Slick pompadour with fade
  34. Perfect ivy league for receding hairline
  35. Slicked hair with side part
  36. Blonds hairstyle with skin fade
  37. Fade with curly quiff
  38. Slicked back high fade
  39. Short haircut for balding men
  40. Perfect fade for wavy hair
  41. Smooth half bald hairstyle
  42. Undercut with accent streak
  43. Brushed back hairstyle
  44. Slicked back hairstyle
  45. The slicked-up comb over
  46. Messy Fauxhawk with high fade
  47. Side part with high fade
  48. Tapered haircut for older men
  49. Stylish back swept hairstyle
  50. Edgy cut for men with thinning hair
  51. Adding height
  52. Simple hairstyle for receding hairline
  53. Extra short Mohawk style
  54. Buzz Cut
  55. The Caesar Cut
  56. Shaven head

The Top Men’s Hairstyles to Hide Thinning Hair 2017:

·         Stylish Back Swept Hairstyle:

It’s a perfect hairstyle for those men, who want to hide their thin hair and visible scalp. Swept back hairstyle is a super stylish and great at taking the focus away from the bald spot on your scalp.

Stylish back swept hairstyle involves shorter hair at your back and sides of the head. This hairstyle really works wonder by covering the bald spots and thin hair because this hairstyle creates some height at the front and extending all the way back to the crown of your head. Using your long hair at the front to hide your hair thinning.

·         Short and Textured Hairstyle:

The short and textured hairstyle is a perfect hairstyle who are experiencing bald patches on their scalp. This messy hairstyle gives an illusion of more hair on your top because it adds volume to your front and crown region.

·         Parted Fringe Hairstyle:

The parted fringe hairstyle is perfect for the men who are undergoing from a high hairline. To make this hairstyle, you need to grow your hair longer at your top region of your head. And keep shorter at the sides and the back of your scalp. The idea of the parted fringe hairstyle is to bring your hair forward to conceal the hairline.

·         The Fade Hairstyle:

The fade hairstyle is an ideal hair up-do for those men, who started observing the early signs of hair thinning but they still have hair on the front part of their scalp.

Give a contrast of short and long hair. Your hair should be medium length then start combing your hair on the top across to the opposite side, to create the maximum fullness.

·         Buzz Cut:

The fastest and modest way to style your hair is to get a buzz cut. Long hair gives a delusion of thinner hair but a short haircut provides an appearance of thicker hair. So buzz cut will comfort you in getting a changed and attractive look than you had before.

·         The Caesar Cut:

The Caesar cut helps to hide your receding hairline, by pulling the short hair forward to give an illusion of a complete hairline. Create this hairstyle by slightly angling the hairline instead of cutting the straight across in a horizontal line. Use a styling cream to keep hair in place throughout the day but try not to use hard gels.

·         Shaven Head:

If you want to hide your prominent scalp then get your head shaved. Most men who aren’t experiencing hair loss prefer shaving their head for a macho look.

Get a Hair Specialist Help:

Hair loss treatment is not necessary if you are happy with your look. You can either use wig or can change your haircut to hide your hair thinning.

But if you want to cure your hair thinning or hair loss eternally then get a hair specialist help, instead of wasting more time.

Consultation with the Hair Transplant Surgeon at the Hair Transplant Centre:

Arrange an appointment with the Hair transplant surgeon at the Hair Transplant Centre. After inspecting your scalp very cautiously, he will assess your hair loss treatment opportunities.

If your hair loss/hair thinning is less severe according to Norwood scale then the hair transplant surgeon may recommend you to get any suitable hair loss treatment other than hair transplant.

But if your hair loss/hair thinning is at high stage according to Norwood scale then the hair transplant surgeon may recommend you to get a hair transplant  from the hair transplant clinic in Dubai.

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