The Struggle with Alopecia is Real

The literal meaning of the word alopecia is hair loss. Alopecia areata is an autoimmune skin disease that attacks your hair follicles, to the point that your hair starts to fall out.

Hair falls out leaving behind the round spots on your scalp. Hair can also fall out from other parts of your body.

Alopecia areata is an extreme loss of hair which is associated with hormonal imbalance, physical or emotional stress, genetics etc.

Types of Alopecia:

If you are also a victim of alopecia but aren’t sure about the type of it then here are the types of alopecia:

  1. Alopecia Areata
  • Congenital alopecia
  • Symptomatic alopecia
  • Seborrhoea alopecia
  • Cicatricle alopecia
  • Premature alopecia.
  1. Alopecia Totalis
  2. Alopecia Universalise
  3. Androgenetic Alopecia

Explanation of the Different Types of Alopecia:

1.      Alopecia Areata:

It’s a disorder in which irregular hair loss occurs and consequences are, patches of baldness instead of a single bald spot on your scalp.

·         Congenital Alopecia:

It’s a comparatively uncommon type of hair loss. It is considered as the full or the extreme thinning of your hair that can be joined with the other conditions which include weakening of your nails, teeth, etc.

·         Premature alopecia:

It occurs in females and it is usually restricted to your hair thinning. Hair loss starts from the front and parietal areas of your scalp. And it engulfs the other regions of your scalp too.

·         Seborrhoea alopecia:

As the term defines itself, that hair loss starts with the unusual sebaceous excretions and hair thinning on your full surface of the scalp.

·         Cicatricle alopecia:

In the Cicatricle alopecia, Continuous loss of your hair follicles and its replacement with the connecting tissues occur in it. It’s not noticeable as in the situation of healing injuries. It results as the vanishing hair follicles holes and your scalp becomes smooth.

·         Symptomatic alopecia:

Hair loss occurs in numerous small areas of your scalp, armpits, on the pubis, beard, eyelashes or eyebrows. Such hair loss parts have round outlines, which can increase and also can merge among themselves making bigger patches.

2.      Alopecia Totalis:

This is the more progressive form of alopecia and this type results in total/ complete hair loss of your scalp instead of just bald spots.

3.      Alopecia Universalise:

It leads to hair loss not only from the scalp but similarly from your whole body plus your eyebrows, eyelashes, beard etc.

4.      Androgenetic Alopecia:

This is the most common type of alopecia and both men and women are affected by it.

The amount of hair loss differs from individual to individual. Hair regrows but falls out in the future, it’s uncommon but you can lose all your hair from your scalp or from your complete body.

Most people assume that hair loss is a part of old age, but the reality is that it can affect anyone at anytime. Usually males suffer from the hair loss but hair thinning can be seen among both males and females.

The Struggle with Alopecia is Real:

You must be struggling to hide your alopecia but it’s very difficult. Sometimes you wear a wig, use a hat etc. to cover the bald spots on your scalp.

Now you know by going through the above-mentioned types of alopecia that which type are you suffering from.

There are numerous kinds of alopecia areata treatment options available:

Alopecia Areata Treatment Options:

  1. ACell/PRP injections
  2. Mesotherapy
  3. SMP (Scalp Micro-Pigmentation)
  4. alopecia areata treatment in Dubai

·         ACell/PRP injection:

Blood is extracted from your scalp donor areas and then it’s spun in a separator. The mixture of ACell and PRP are injected into your recipient regions of the scalp at different angles.

The growth elements present in the injections will help your hair follicles to become strong and improve the thickness of your hair

·         Mesotherapy:

Its a mixture of enzymes, minerals, and medicines that are injected straight into your skin.

It is a non-surgical, centered on a series of superficial injections, does not involve any post-procedural maintenance.

·         SMP (Scalp Micro-Pigmentation):

It’s a non-surgical procedure and it will give you the illusion of the micro-hairs on your scalp.

These alopecia areata treatments aren’t effective but if you want a long-lasting, effective and safe treatment to cure your alopecia areata then consult a trichologist at the hair transplant clinic in time.

He will examine your scalp and hair loss severity and then the trichologist will recommend you to get an alopecia areata treatment in Dubai from the hair transplant center.

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