PRP Hair Tansplant Tips

PRP treatment in Dubai

PRP hair transplant is a perfect option for those suffering from hair thinning and baldness problems. To trigger hair growth, experts now suggest hair transplant and PRP treatment in Dubai. Let’s discuss how they work and how much they cost. This blog post discusses 10 quick tips for PRP hair transplant.

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10 Quick Tips for PRP Hair Transplant

If you plan to undergo PRP treatment in Dubai, you should read the important tips about it first. Here are 10 quick tips for PRP hair transplant:

Tip 1 – Side Effects: Be prepared for minor and temporary side effects.

Tip 2 – Results: You must have realistic expectations with the treatment outcomes.

Tip 3 – Recovery: It is a surgical procedure and the treatment site will take some time to heal.

Tip 4 – Initial Consultation: Your initial consultation session with the professional is important. You can ask any question during this session.

Tip 5 – Downtime Work Leave: Please note there is going to be some downtime after the surgery which means you will have to take one or more days off work.

Tip 6 – Existing Medications: If you are taking any medications, you should discuss them with your hair transplant surgeon because some medications must be stopped before the surgery.

Tip 7 – Prescribed Medications: Your hair restoration surgeon will also prescribe medications to help your body heal quickly. If you do not want to take any medications, consult your doctor.

Tip 8 – Overall Health: The person who wants to have it must have good mental and physical health.

Tip 9 – Diet and Fluid Intake: You will have to take the recommended food and fluid intake before and after the procedure. Following these instructions is important and help you heal quickly.

Tip 10 – Sleeping Instructions: Your surgeon will guide you about the right way to sleep after having this procedure. For a few days, you may have to follow those instructions.

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Let’s Trigger Your Hair Growth!

Now that you know how you can get best out of your PRP hair transplant. If you are interested in learning more, you should contact our expert for PRP treatment in Dubai. If you want to get our hair transplant cost in Dubai, you should book an appointment now. So get in touch with us now and book your exclusive consultation session with a hair restoration surgeon.

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