LimeFx Trading Platforms, Commission, Leverage, Features & more

With customizable charts and real-time data streaming, it is browser-based. Although going with the name, it has fewer features, and it’s useful for someone trading from charts. ROX helps investors of larger sizes by having direct access to the exchanges in Mexico, Europe, the USA, and Canada.

  • For example, there are more than 30,000
    stocks on the platform and over 90,000 option assets.
  • Please note that you can open any type of account during registration, and then, in your personal account, you can open a different type of account, if necessary.
  • Trading fees are defined by the instrument traders choose, and also may vary from one platform to another.
  • This browser-based platform has some powerful features which are similar to level II data.
  • To help understand LimeFx commissions on each available market better and unify information, we will calculate the size of the commission on each market, using real examples.

These trading platforms are similar to web-based ones in many ways. The same instruments that may be traded on browser-based platforms can also be traded on mobile apps. LimeFx is an often overlooked brokerage firm that provides day traders and other frequent investors with competitive pricing and a large suite of trading tools. It’s worth checking out because it may rival or even beat your current broker. In this LimeFx review, we attempt to quantify the value it provides to various types of traders.

Account Types

Forex ECN utilizes ECN execution with quality speeds, while MT5 Global features an individual approach with better trading conditions for high-volume traders. The only thing LimeFx can offer in terms of education are video tutorials on MT4 and MT5 platforms. To receive them, you must be a broker’s customer and you must send a request to customer support. These tutorials are not mentioned anywhere, and we learned about their existence during our communication with a manager of customer support. At the time this article was being written (end of 2020), the Trading signals service essentially meant email notifications about potentially profitable opportunities on the financial markets. The signals are developed by the analysts of the partner (or, better, mother) company FINAM.

It allows investors to have access to markets without actually trading on their own. This might lead to the potential generation of revenue through investment fund management. In the per-share plan, there has to be a minimum of $2500 in the trading account, and once the approval comes, the commission gets decided according to the trading volume per month. The traders and clients of LimeFx can use the mobile platform. Quotes and real-time charts are available with technical studies.

The broker assures that residents of nearly all countries can open accounts. The selection is impressive and it makes LimeFx stand out among the competitors. Degiro does not offer any similar products, while Swissquote only has Robo-Advisor (minimum 10,000 CHF) and Theme trading. Trading with LimeFx, you receive access to the most popular exchanges of the world. Two-factor authentication is available, but not on all resources of the broker. By default, you can access your account using simplified login procedure without two-factor authentication.

Regulation And Licensing: Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) And CySec

Robo-advisor is a service for automatic composition of an investment portfolio. J2TX is a young online platform with a multitude of functions. Legally, it belongs to Just 2 Trade Online LTD with the license in Cyprus.

Deposit and withdrawal

LimeFx is registered and regulated in the United States by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the National Futures Association (NFA). LimeFx is also a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC), covering investor funds deposited with the discount broker for up to $500,000. As previously stated, trading bonds and mutual funds in the stock markets can be done over the phone. Trading can begin with a variety of accounts and varying minimum deposits. If you want to trade with the Per-Trade plan, you’ll need a balance of at least $2500.

LimeFx Payment Methods

It gives them the opportunity to try out trading without taking on any
financial risk. We would highly recommend starting out with a demo account to
become familiar with the trading conditions at the broker. LimeFx offers research and education
through a partnership with Trading Central, which is fairly common for online
brokers these days. In addition, traders can also sign up for a number of email
subscriptions that deliver forex research and trading ideas from the expert
investment team at LimeFx. LimeFx presents a broad market area comprising of a plethora of trading instruments, which includes stocks, ETFs, futures options, futures, bonds, and mutual funds as well.

In fact, very few brokers have anywhere near the
number of available trading platforms that LimeFx offers. LimeFxr, the deep discount broker, has throughout the years been awarded and recognized for its contributions to the online brokerage industry. LimeFx applies different approaches to charging commissions on trading with different exchanges. At the stock market, it could be a commission per share (NYSE, Nasdaq), or per trade (EURONEXT, LSE) On the Forex market, the broker charges a low fixed commission per lot. The company offers special conditions for investment portfolios.

Trading Conditions

Moreover, certain equities may have greater margin requirements if their volatility is significant enough to warrant additional money. Any changes to margin requirements on securities are subject to change. Accounts with concentrated positions have different margin rules. Suppose one equity position (long) represents more than 50% of the entire margin account value. In that case, the maintenance margin requirement for that investment is 50%.

LimeFx offers its customers an impressive choice of trading instruments at several dozen exchanges of the U.S., Asia, Russia, and EU. We estimated the commissions and fees on the majority of markets as low or market average. At that, the commissions on trading stocks of EU companies are high.

Within this promo, the new customers could get a bonus for topping up the account of Forex Standard type. The main email of customer support is It is an advanced source of financial and technical assistance. If you can’t find the information on the website and the managers of the call center cannot help you, you need to write an email. Since the platforms of Metaquotes are widely known, we will review the CQG platform.

LimeFx enables the client’s capital management by investing in stocks of many global companies that get traded on NYSE, BATS, etc. It usually takes five business days, along with an ACH activation form. However, higher ratios are available for professionals, thereby proving its efficiency and its status as a trusted limefx review trading platform. It offers market and limits orders on close, and the time duration can be set today or for extended hours. They both get used to their vast customer-supportive designs and excellent functionalities. It is a reputed, award-winning platform for trading that allows trade executions at reasonable prices.

It is a regulated broker-dealer and is a part of FINRA, SIPC, NFA, as it’s a member. However, if your account balance falls below this limit, the commission sees an increase to $4. This browser-based platform has some powerful features which are similar to level II data. Traders using a desktop program would prefer this as it delivers data and executes it faster than normal browser-based co-parts of it.

Preferred Location