Is There Scarring After A Hair Transplant Surgery

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Scars come inevitably with surgery, and hair transplant is no different. Most people avoid undergoing surgical hair restoration just because it can cause permanent noticeable scars and people would come to know that they have had grown their hair through hair transplantation. No doubt hair transplant surgery does leave scars in the donor area, but their visibility can be minimized by choosing the right technique.

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Size of Scars after Hair Transplant

Size of resulting scar depends mainly upon the method used for surgery.

  • Traditional Strip Method Transplant leaves a long linear scar in the donor area, resulting from the excision of linear strip. However, some people are not bothered by it because it is at the back of the scalp and can be effectively camouflaged by wearing hair with an inch and half long.
  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE Hair transplant in Dubai) is a modern technique that does not cause a long linear scar. It rather produces tiny pinhole scars that you do not need to worry about. You can easily hide them even with a buzz cut. Since the wounds are very small, the recovery is also easy and quick.

How To Hide Hair Transplant Scars

While FUE scars are barely visible and least bothering, scarring after FUT can be a major concern because it produces a visible linear mark. But you don’t need to worry about it as there are some really effective scar revision options available that can help improve the appearance of the scar, making it least visible.

  • Scar Revision with FUE: Yes, you read it right! Hiding a visible linear FUT scar requires another minor transplant, this time using the modern Follicular Unit Extraction technique. The surgeon will extract new grafts from donor site and plant them in the linear scar. Hair growth in the scar will cover it, hiding it from sight.
  • Laser Resurfacing: Laser resurfacing is another technique used for minimizing the appearance of scar. Fractional Laser is used for resurfacing of hair transplant scars. High intensity laser beams work by smoothing out the damaged skin in the scarred area. It also stimulates collagen production in the treated area, thereby enhancing skin quality in the scarred region and ensuring quick recovery.
  • Injection Treatments: Corticosteroid injections are used to flatten raised scars whereas dermal fillers are injected into depressed scars to raise them. Sometimes, the scarred tissues are excised and the wound is carefully closed again making it less visible.

Make Your Scar Less Noticeable

If you do not want to undergo any scar revision procedure, you can always make it less noticeable. Long hairs cover the scarred region making it significantly less noticeable. So if you want the easiest and simplest way to make the FUT hair transplant scar less visible, grow your hair to an inch and a half length at least. Pinprick scars resulting from FUE transplantation should not be a cause of concern for you until and unless you are planning to wear a bald head after transplant.

Bottom Line:

Hair transplant is an amazing procedure to help people regrow hair even in the areas that have permanently lost ability to grow hair. People from all around the world are benefitting from this ideal treatment to restore their youthful appearance and self esteem that they had lost with hair. Although the surgery does cause some degree of scarring, it is always worth it. If you are interested in restoring a fuller head if hair, visit nearest hair restoration facility and take first step towards a youthful-looking you.

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