Is Hair Transplant Surgery Really Effective

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Hair transplant is a surgery that is often used to regrow hair on a bald or balding patch. It does not give you new hair follicles rather, shifts them to a bald area. The surgery is performed on outpatient basis in a hair transplant clinic and you are free to go home immediately. Hair transplant comes under surgical hair restoration and is sometimes taken as an alternative for medical hair restoration, the use of medicines for hair loss issues.

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The Procedure of Hair Transplant

The surgeon decides the exact area from the back of the scalp which will be used as donor site; area which donates hair follicles. After that, he identifies the area which needs hair growth and may draw some lines to make the area distinct where hair follicles are to be planted, the recipient site.The procedure of hair transplant surgery in Dubai can be divided into two distinct phases, extraction of hair follicles and plantation of hair follicles.  The surgeon takes out hair follicles from the back of the scalp and collects them carefully in a chemical. This chemical mimics natural environment to ensure that they do not die outside the human body. Once sufficient number of hair follicles is extracted, the surgeon announces a 20-25 minutes break. The patient is allowed to take light refreshment, use washroom and walk around.During the next phase, the surgeon makes tiny holes in the recipient site and plants hair follicles in these tiny holes. Once all the hair follicles are planted, the surgery ends.

The Result of the Surgery

Result of the surgery is not visible immediately transplanted hair follicles take time they attach themselves to local blood supply. Before that, shock loss occurs due to trauma that surrounding cells have to bear because of surgery. Shock loss causes your treated area to lose all the hair in that area. However, it is temporary and hairs are grown within two to three months.Hairs grown from transplanted hair follicles are permanent because the surgery transfers only balding resistant hair follicles which grow hair through the rest of your life.

Pros and Cons of Hair Transplant

Hair transplants surgery is known for its benefits. Some of the well-pronounced benefits of hair transplant are:

  • It gives you permanent hair.
  • Rest assured, no one will ever realize that you have grown your hair from a surgery. Transplanted hairs are not different from the rest of your hair.
  • Transplanted hairs grow at the rate of 0.5 inch per month that is the normal rate of hair growth.
  • Once grown to sufficient length, you can curl, straight or blow dry them. You can make whatever hairstyle you like with your hair.

Some Disadvantages Or Limitations Of Hair Transplant Are:

  • It offers all the side effects that a usual surgery offers like swelling, minimal bleeding, scabbing and shock loss.
  • You need to take care of the treated area until hair follicles get themselves attached with local blood supply. Else, they may be dislodged.
  • The surgery works to regrow your hair on a bald patch. It does not do anything to stop your hair loss. Your surgeon may prescribe you medicines to stop your hair loss.

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Hair transplant surgery is an amazing treatment for your bald or balding scalp. It regrows your hair in a highly natural way and helps return your lost youthful appearance. Get a hair transplant today and feel the difference.

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