Regrowing Hair With the Latest Hair loss Treatments

Har loss treatment in dubai

Hair loss has haunted mankind for several decades and if we study human life, the hair has been the major determinant of one’s personality. According to psychologists, changing facial hair or head hair brings about the certain change in personality of the person. Hair, if start falling can cause several problems in person’s body and hair loss doesn’t stop unless the person is completely bald.

Hair loss has been a major problem for both men and women equally alike. The hair loss treatment in Dubai is gaining popularity because hair fall in men has increased significantly and today 80% of the men prefer short hair cut, the hair loss can be easily detected. For women, the rapid hair loss prevents them from certain hair styles and also causes them to undergo health related problems as well.

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Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss can also be easily tracked and not only it leads to personality related issues and ends in baldness but it can also be the indication of medical problems such as thyroid & pituitary gland problem, cancer, thallium or arsenic poisoning and HIV. These conditions can lead to severe baldness and may eliminate the chance of hair growing back.

You can experience hair loss due to physical or mental stress and it can be caused for the temporary time period. Pregnancy is also one of the reasons that cause the hair loss and hair loss can also be caused due to;

  • an excess amount of vitamin A supplements
  • not enough proteins in the diet
  • male pattern baldness
  • heredity
  • hormone-related medications
  • iron & Vitamin B deficiency
  • sudden weight loss
  • blood thinning medications
  • impulse control disorder
  • aging
  • anabolic steroids
  • wrong Shampoo/condition

Above mentioned conditions can cause the excessive hair fall in both men and women and they create a problem to grow new hair as well but these conditions can be treated easily and everyone can grow new hair and stop hair fall in Dubai. We’ve narrowed down some of the most important and most useful hair loss treatment options in Dubai.

How to Stop Hair Fall

If you are looking to stop hair fall and grow new hair then you should first get yourself medically examined by the dermatologist/cosmetologist/skin specialist to know the real cause of the hair fall and get the proper solution. There are several hair loss treatments in Dubai that prevent the hair from falling and also initiate the new hair growth. Some of the examples of hair fall treatments are as under;

  • MedicationMedications have been developed that promote the hair growth of the patient but they are relatively slow in nature and require proper consultation with the dermatologist before being used.
  • Essential oils Every essential oil is hair oil if applied through proper means, the oils can be directly applied overnight on the hair along with scalp massage to get best results.
  • Egg oil: Egg oil is one of the most result oriented treatment for hair loss. The egg should be applied directly for best results.
  • Garlic/onion/ginger juice: one of these juices should be applied on hair to prevent the hair loss and the head should be washed after some hours for best results.
  • Rangoli henna: Henna returns the original shine in the hair of the patient and it also stops the hair from falling.
  • Green tea treatment:Green tea can be applied on the head along with essential oils to boost the treatment results as green tea promotes the hair growth.

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If above mentioned treatments to stop hair fall don’t work, then you should try to get proper hair loss treatment in Dubai under the supervision of qualified hair specialists at Hair Transplant in Dubai.

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