How to Prepare for your Hair Transplant Surgery

hair transpalnt procedure

A hair transplant surgery not only helps a person transform his/her physical appearance but also the way they feel about themselves. While the role of surgeon in successful hair transplantation is crucial, the patient’s role cannot be denied either. Preparing well for your surgery is the first step towards a successful and rewarding hair transplant. Here we will explain you How to Prepare for your Hair Transplant Surgery to make sure you get the most out of this onetime procedure.

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  • Stop taking blood thinning medicines

Blood thinning medications not only affect the outcome of the surgery but can also hamper the surgery big time. As is obvious from the word “blood thinning” these medicines significantly reduce consistency of blood, increasing risk of bleeding during and after surgery. Aspirin, ibuprofen, warfarin and few other pain medications fall under category of blood thinners. Some supplements, both allopathic and natural, also have blood thinning properties. Discuss in detail with your surgeon names of all the medicines that you take regularly.

  • Stop smoking

Quit smoking 2-3 weeks prior to hair transplant if you really want your surgery to be a big time success. Nicotine present in smoke of cigarettes constricts blood vessels, affecting blood supply to the scalp and newly transplanted follicles. This ultimately hampers the healing process and growth of the follicles, affecting the ultimate outcome of the surgery.

  • Have your blood tests done

Your doctor will prescribe you some blood tests to determine your candidacy for hair transplantation. Have these tests done and reports submitted at least two weeks prior to the surgery. This will allow the surgeon to have a better idea of your general health. You will also have enough time to get any test repeated.


  • Fill all your prescriptions

Your surgeon will prescribe you different medications, both pain killers and antibiotics, to ensure a speedy recovery. Have all these prescriptions filled at least a week before your hair transplant surgery is scheduled. You will be required to take antibiotics an hour before the surgery, so make sure you bring medicines along on the day of surgery.

  • Cut your alcohol consumption

If you are an alcohol user, stop consuming alcoholic beverages at least 5 to 7 days before the transplant. Like smoking, alcohol also hampers healing process and affects the outcome of surgery. If you are drunk, your surgeon will not be able to extract donor grafts. It also limits effect of anesthesia.

  • Inform your doctor about any infection

Protect yourself against infections, even common cold. If you catch any, report it to your surgeon immediately so that it could be treated before the surgery.


  • Prepare clothing to wear to the clinic

On the day prior to the surgery, prepare some loose fitting dress that you will wear to the clinic. Avoid wearing any tight fitting or a dress with narrow neck as you will be asked to change before and after the surgery. A zipper or a shirt with v-neck is ideal for the surgery day

  • Prepare a small recovery pack

Prepare a small recovery pack in which you will put all the important items that you can need during or immediately after hair transplant. For example your credit card, some cash, important documents etc. Don’t worry about meal or food items as at Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic we offer our patients lunch and snacks.

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To know more about hair transplant surgery and how to prepare for it, contact us now and let our experts guide you. We have a team of highly skilled surgeons who will guide you about the procedure in a highly non-technical way. To book a FREE CONSULTATION now, fill the form below.

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