Home Remedies for Hair Fall That Are Simple, Safe and Natural

There is nothing better than a full, healthy and thick head of hair. It makes your confidence levels go up and do wonders for your looks. Whether you are women or a man, there is nothing worse than waking up to a pillow full of hair and sink clogged with hair. You might have seen a freaky bald vision of yourself in your dreams and are now on the hunt to find perfect hair loss treatment in Dubai. There can be several factors that might have triggered hair loss ranging from smoking, poor diet, stress and hormonal imbalances. Here is a list of simple, safe and natural remedies that work amazingly well as a hair loss treatment in Dubai.

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Hair Oil Massage

The first natural remedy is oiling. You have probably heard it from your grandmothers to oil your hair regularly. Why do you think our grandparents had such great hair? Probably because they took oiling way too seriously and you should too. Simply warm up any oil of your choice; coconut, olive oil, almond oil are good ones to use. Add a few drops of lavender oil or any essential oil in it. Gently massage the oil into your scalp with your fingers in circular motions. Let the oil sit in your hair for an hour and wash it off with your shampoo afterward. Use this hair loss treatment in Dubai twice a week to see results.

Onion Juice

Onion Juice is another potent ingredient which can be used as a natural hair loss treatment in Dubai. The sulfur in onion juice acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, boosts blood circulation to the scalp and regenerate hair follicles. Simply juice one onion and with the help of a cotton ball, apply it to your scalp. Cover your hair with a shower cap and let it sit for at least 30 minutes. Wash your hair with lukewarm water and use a natural shampoo afterward.

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Often times you lose hair because of excessive amounts of dandruff in it. If you do not want to go via a cosmetic hair loss treatment in Dubai and are looking for a more natural approach, yogurt is your best friend. Get hold of a yogurt (unflavored and unsweetened kind). Take two tablespoons of yogurt in a bowl and add a few drops of lemon in it. Apply the mixture to your scalp, saturating it completely. Use a hot water to cover your hair and leave it on for an hour. Rinse off with water and use a good shampoo afterward.
These three natural options for hair loss treatment in Dubai will work wonders for helping you achieve spectacular thick and healthy hair. However, if these treatments do not work, it is wise to visit a trichologist and get your problem fixed.

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