5 Factors Affecting Cost of Hair Transplant

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Hair Transplant Surgery claims to be the only permanent solution for baldness and this is why all hair loss victims look up to the procedure as their lone savior. If you are also planning to undergo a hair transplant in the near future, remember cost is one major factor that can influence not only your decision to opt for the surgery but also the ultimate outcome of the procedure.

How? Obviously if the hair transplant surgery cost does not fall within your budget you would look for other affordable options. And if, for instance, you find a surgeon offering the transplant at an unusually low rate, quality is most probably compromised, and this way it will affect the ultimate outcome of the surgery.

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To make a smart decision, it is necessary that you know cost determining factors for hair transplant. This will allow you to opt for a cost efficient yet effective transplant. Here we will share with you not only the factors affecting cost of surgical hair restoration but also how to cut your cost on this expensive surgery.

Factors Affecting Cost of Hair Transplant:

Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai depends on following five factors:

Extent of Hair Loss:

Hair transplant cost primarily depends on the extent of hair loss. Larger the bare area(s) that needs to be covered, more costly the transplantation will be. Surgeons mostly charge their patients on per-graft basis. A larger bald patch will need more grafts for a fuller appearance, and thus you will have to pay higher price.

Hair Characteristics:

This may sound weird but your hair texture and color does play a part in determining number of grafts required for efficient coverage of bald areas, thereby influencing directly the cost of surgery. For example, if you have dark thick and curly hairs, then fewer will be required to cover a bald patch as compared to someone with fine, straight hair. this will automatically cut your procedure cost.

Hair Transplant Technique Used:

Two hair restoration techniques are used most commonly: Strip Method Transplant and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). The latter needs more time and effort of the surgeon and is this more expensive than the traditional strip removal technique, also known as Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT).

Experience and Reputation of Surgeon:

Hair transplant cost in Dubai also depends on the surgical skills, expertise and reputation of the surgeon performing the surgery. A highly experienced, board-certified surgeon with a strong reputation in the market will charge higher fee for the same surgery than an inexperienced doctor. Never let low cost, offered by an inexperienced surgeon, tempt you.

Geographic Location of the Provider:

The cost of procedure also varies from one place to another. Getting a hair transplant in Dubai will cost you several times less than having your hairline restored in some developed country. Even within a city, clinics located in the centre of the city are usually expensive as compared to those in the suburbs.

Tips to Cut Your Hair Transplant Cost:

  • Divide the surgery in two sessions, keeping in mind your available budget
  • Go for strip method transplant, but only if you are not bothered by the telltale scar
  • Ask your provider if they offer any financing facility
  • Clinics usually offer lucrative deals on big events, like Christmas, New Year, Eids and National Days etc. Plan your hair transplant accordingly

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