Hair Loss and Weight Loss: Are They Related?


If you are trying to lose your weight so you should be sure that, you aren’t losing anything else except your weight as hair loss can occur after weight loss. But the question is,

Can hair shedding really be caused by losing extra weight or not?

It seems like an easy question to be answered but in reality, the answer is more complex than a simple yes or no. It’s very important to understand the connection between hair loss and weight loss in order to shape and keep your body including your hair healthy.

Hair Loss and Weight Loss: Are They Related?

Well, hair loss and weight loss are linked to each other. And losing hair due to weight loss doesn’t always lead to baldness. Its dependent on several factors and every person is different from another.

Weight Loss as a Stressful Thing:

Losing weight is stressful for both, our minds and bodies. If you have decided to lose your weight then you are placing your body under in a lot of stress. Because your diet may be changing along with your hormonal levels. All these factors contribute in causing your hair loss.

According to a research, there are numerous kinds and causes of weight loss and some aren’t linked with hair loss.

For instance, if you intake sufficient nutrients in your diet and taking a slower approach to reducing your weight then it won’t cause hair loss.

Whereas, if you are undergoing a crash dieting, skipping your meals or you are experiencing weight loss due to any medical condition then you may have to suffer from the severe kind of hair loss i.e. baldness.

Causes of Hair and Weight Loss:

Many causes of hair loss are connected to weight loss, including:

  1. Physical and Emotional Stress
  2. Malnutrition
  3. Hormone Levels
  4. Diseases and Health Issues

1.      Physical and Emotional Stress:

When you put your body under extreme stress then your hair starts to fall out. The major cause of the extreme stress on your body is crash diets. Dieting and exercising are both stressful and can lead to weight loss and hair thinning as well.

2.      Malnutrition:

When you switch to a new diet, it’s very important to include all the essential nutrients in your diet. Because malnutrition is also a cause of weight loss and eventually hair loss.

3.      Hormone Levels:

Hormonal imbalance can cause both weight loss and hair loss. If you have started noticing the early symptoms of hair loss and also you are losing your weight at the same time. Then it’s very important to consult a doctor. Because maybe your hormonal levels aren’t normal.

4.      Diseases and Health Issues:

Suffering from any medical disorder can also lead to weight loss and also you will lose your hair.

Consult a Trichologist in Time:

If you are observing your shed hair here and there, and your weight is also reducing then it’s important to consult a trichologist in time, before it’s too late.

The trichologist will first examine your scalp and then will tell you that which factor has contributed in causing your hair loss.

Treatments for your Hair Loss:

·         Medical Condition:

If your hair loss is caused by any medical condition then it should be first addressed and then treated in time. After getting a treatment for your medical disorder, you can get a hair loss therapy.

·         Nutritional Deficiency:

If your hair loss is due to the nutritional deficiency, then changing your diet or by taking the nutrient supplements, you will be able to solve your hair loss problem.

·         Stress:

If your hair loss is caused by stress then you have to maintain your stress levels. You have to reduce your stress by involving yourself in different activities like watching a movie, listening to songs, cooking etc. by making a habit of reducing your stress, your hair will regrow itself.

No matter, what is the cause of your hair loss, the trichologist will determine it and will help in treating it with realistic results. The trichologist may recommend you to get a PRP therapy Dubai from the hair transplant clinic. It’s the safest cure for treating your hair loss because it’s a non-surgical hair restorative method.

What is PRP therapy?

One of the most advanced and effective treatments for hair loss is PRP therapy, in which:

  • A plasma is extracted from your own blood from your donor areas then it’s processed in an especially made instrument.
  • Afterward, it is injected into your recipient regions of the scalp.

PRP is a safest but effective treatment for your hair loss. It has growth elements which work by the stimulation of the stem cells present in your scalp. When stem cells are triggered, then it helps in the hair regrowth cycle to begin.

How does PRP Therapy work?

After numerous studies and researches, the work of the PRP has been found that the expanded convergence of developmental factors in PRP accelerates the hair regrowth process.

How is PRP Therapy Performed?

  • The treatment starts by the extraction of your blood from your donor areas of the scalp.
  • Then the platelet-rich plasma is separated from your extracted blood.
  • Local anesthesia is administrated to your scalp to numb it and for the painless procedure.
  • Once your scalp is totally numb, then PRP is injected into your recipient regions of the scalp with the help of the specially designed injection.
  • The whole procedure takes almost an hour and a half to complete.

Advantages of PRP Therapy:

  • An advanced non-surgical hair restorative treatment.
  • extracted from your own blood
  • Consumes less downtime.
  • Only requires a small sample of blood.
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