Hair Fixing and its types

Hair transplant in Dubai

Losing tons of hair strands everyday can have a devastating effect on your confidence and psychological health. Traditionally wigs were the only option for people with thinning hair. Latest technology has produced various hair systems and  hair transplant in Dubai to produce effortless and natural looking results. However the quality of products and skills of an expert play a vital role in determining the results of hair fixing. With these fixings, a person is able to wash, comb, shampoo and dye the hair naturally. However, it takes about twelve weeks for final fitting. Once the hair fixings are in place, they last about two to three years.

Although it’s a non surgical procedure, but to achieve desired results it is important to work hand in hand with the practitioner who is going to do perform hair fixing. In the initial consultation it is extremely critical to explain your concerns and expectations regarding the procedure to your practitioner. Make sure to get this procedure done by hair replacement specialists. Some beauty salons also offer hair replacement treatments but it is advisable to not go for them and choose a well reputed hair clinic for hair fixing.

Cost of hair replacement varies depending upon length, thickness and current condition of your hair.  They are an inexpensive alternative to hair transplants and other non surgical treatments but you have to get it redone after two to three years.

Following are the types of patches used for hair fixing:

  1. Synthetic patches

Synthetic patches are one of the most affordable hair fixing technique as they are made out synthetic material rather than human hair. They look extremely natural and provide an effortless look.


  1. Natural patches

Natural hair fixing in Dubai is one of the bet options for you if you want to achieve natural look using natural hair. Natural patches are made out of real human hair. These are available in multiple colors. Also, you can dye these patches in the color that suits your hair best.


  1. Super fine patches

Super fine patches are another type of natural hair loss treatment in Dubai. Super fine patches also uses human hair. The only difference between super fine patches and natural hair is the way of attaching hair fixings to the actual hair. They are relatively inexpensive in comparison to natural patches.

All three types are equally beneficial and produce effortless and natural looking results. On the most part, it is a matter of preference of an individual.

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