Goign to Gym after Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure and the patient cannot exercise during the recovery period. People often ask how early can they resume exercise and discussing this question is important. Please visit us to know hair transplant cost in Dubai. This blog post explains how early a person can visit the gym after undergoing a hair transplant.

If you have had a hair transplant and would like to start the gym again, this topic is for you.

What Hair Transplant Recovery is Like?

A hair restoration surgeon has to make an incision to perform hair transplant and the treatment site takes some time to get to the normal form. That is why doctors ask patients to follow instructions during the recovery period. It is prohibited to take exercises after having this procedure.

We understand the importance of exercise and that is why we should discuss how early a hair transplant patient can go to the gym.

Going to the Gym After Hair Transplant

The person who undergoes hair transplant should take complete rest on the treatment day. It is also necessary to avoid physical activities one day after the surgery. A short walk is enough to keep the body moving; no workouts and no exercise.

The patient can resume light physical activities from the second day on. Lifting heavy objects must be avoided for two weeks. When your scalp fully heals, consult your surgeon and then start going to the gym. Please consult one of our surgeons to know our hair transplant cost in Dubai.

Recovering Properly After Hair Transplant

Now you know how early you can go back to the gym again. It is good to consult your surgeon before you resume exercise and going to the gym. Please feel free to get in touch with one of our hair restoration surgeons if you want to know more.

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