FUE Hair Transplant Cost FAQs

Due to growing hair restoration needs, a large number of people around the world now undergo a hair transplant. While living in the UAE, the people interested in this procedure often ask questions about hair transplant cost in Dubai. Top 5 cost questions have been discussed in this topic. Moreover, this blog post discusses the FUE hair transplant cost in Dubai.

If you want to restore hair growth in any area, this topic is for you.

Average Hair Transplant Cost

In the United States, the cost of hair transplant ranges from $4,000 to $15,000. The rates are comparatively lower here in the UAE. So expect a lower amount as FUE hair transplant cost in Dubai. We have recently lowered our rates; contact us to know more.

5 FUE Hair Transplant Questions

Here are the five questions about hair transplant cost in Dubai:

  1. Does any clinic offer 50% off?

The rates for FUE hair transplant are higher across the UAE. Most clinics and surgeons do not offer any discount but do not worry because we do care about your budgets. Do not forget to check our latest discount offer because we want to make it easier for you to time it.

  1. Why hair transplant cost is high?

This procedure is a surgical treatment performed by a qualified and experienced surgeon. That is why the cost is higher than other hair restoration alternatives. Unlike others, we do not charge too much; you will always find our prices as reasonable.

  1. How much FUE hair transplant costs?

The cost of FUE hair transplant depends on various factors such as:

  • The number of hair needed by the hair transplant candidate.
  • The expertise and reputation of the hair restoration surgeon.
  • The quality and location of the hair restoration treatment provider.
  1. Can I pay hair transplant price in instalments?

Yes, you can. How? Our treatment financing option allows you to take the treatment now and pay back in easy monthly instalments. There will be no mark-up or interest and you pay the same price as you would have paid the otherwise.

  1. Does health insurance cover a FUE hair transplant?

In general, a hair transplant is categorized as cosmetic treatments and insurance providers only cover medical treatments of some sorts. Mean to say, most insurance companies do not cover hair transplant.

With Reasonable Cost Come Great Benefits

You have read the top 5 questions about hair transplant cost in Dubai. The people who have hair thinning and balding spots on any area of the scalp can benefit from this treatment. How much you will have to pay?

To know how much FUE hair transplant costs in Dubai, please get in touch with our hair transplant surgeon. So contact us now and book your exclusive appointment session with one of our experts.

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