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Losing hair rapidly can cause hair thinning and even baldness. A hair transplant can help restore hair growth naturally in thin and bald areas. Dr. Ahsen Farooque is one of the leading hair restoration surgeons in the UAE. This page discusses how an average guy went on to become a well-known name in the hair transplant world.


Story of Dr. Ahsen

If you are finding a hair transplant surgeon in the UAE, you might have come across the name Ahsen Farooque. It is obvious because he has been performing hair transplants in Dubai for a long time. He has long been passionate about the hair restoration and he has a grip on the latest methods of hair restoration. He is privileged enough to have worked in Ireland, Bahrain, Sweden, and the UAE. Besides Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), he is also good at performing Stem Cell Follicular Unit Extraction (Stem Cell FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT). So he can handle most hair transplant cases. The obsession with hair restoration started at FMH College of Medicine and Dentistry, where he completed his MBBS Degree. He has been working in internal medicine, dermatology, emergency medicine, plastic surgery and then devoted himself to hair restoration because that what fulfills him the most.

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Why Choose Dr. Ahsen

The hair restoration domain is changing rapidly due to advancements in hair transplants and other methods of hair restoration. Only those professionals are going to survive and do well in this industry who keep up with the pace of advancements. Dr. Ahsen is one of those doctors who stay up-to-date (learn new techniques timely) and provide patients a better hair restoration experience. He enjoys a high rate of treatment success and more than 99% of his patients are satisfied with the results.


Areas of Specialties

Dr. Ahsen has a grip on a number of cosmetic treatments. If you wish, you can consult him for the following aesthetic procedures:


Degrees and Certifications

Dr. Ahsen is well-qualified already but he stays in touch with new trends and treatments. The list below shows certifications and degrees he has:

  • American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS) certified.
  • Trained and Certified in Hair Transplant Surgery in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Extensive Training on Direct FUE – Ailesbury Hair Loss Clinic Dublin, Ireland
  • Master in Infectious Disease Control from Södertörn University in Stockholm, Sweden
  • Diploma Anteis Esthelis (Switzerland) for Cosmetic Dermatology Course including Botox, Collagen and Derma Roller Procedures.
  • Plastic/Reconstructive Surgery Residency Program, and Hair Restorative Surgery – University Of Health Sciences, Pakistan.
  • Bachelor of Medicine/Surgery (MBBS) from FMH College of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Health Sciences, in Lahore, Pakistan.

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