Do not want to undergo hair transplant? What next…

hair transplant in Dubai

Hair transplantation might not be your cup of tea. You might be scared of it or you might be too young to undergo hair transplantation. Most young men are too impatient to wait for the right age for hair transplantation. Multiple types of hair transplant in Dubai is available to provide cosmetic improvement until the transplant cures all the problems. A man who loses hair in his early twenties will look years older than his age and that can massively affect the confidence of an individual. Cosmetic camouflage and hair fixing in Dubai can create a youthful look without undergoing surgery.

Issues that hinder transplantation

Undertaking hair transplantation at an early age can have negative effects on the donor hair. Hair loss occurs gradually and it requires time of a pattern to develop. If an individual decides to undergo hair transplant before the hair loss pattern is completely exposed, he will end up with patches of transplanted hair rather than a fuller head of hair.

What can be done?

No one wants to wander around with bald head and wait until he gets a transplant done. Hair loss industry today offers many non surgical and cosmetic solutions that can be used until you get a permanent fix. It includes hair fixing in Dubai, hair pieces and wigs. They are available in a variety of budget ranges.

Cosmetic camouflage

A variety of cosmetic cover ups are available for thinning hair. They are applied to the scalp to give the appearance of thicker hair. Some such products include micro fibers that stick to scalp and hair, powders that match your hair color, pigmented hair sprays that keep your hair in place and much more. Cosmetic camouflage are a short term solution for young men and women, they provide improved cosmetic appearance until one is ready for a more permanent solution.

Hair systems

A well designed hair system can provide you the look you have always wanted. It can bring your confidence levels up and can provide you extremely natural look. However, hair pieces are non permanent. You have to daily wear it and take it off at night. It requires maintenance and replacement after every few months of a year.

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