Best Hair Loss Treatments For Women – 3 Serious Hair Loss Treatment Options

women hair loss treamtent

The hairs are the most precious asset of any person but the real worth of hair is only known by those who suffer from hair loss. Hair loss has haunted the mankind for several decades and the problem is faced by everyone, regardless of gender, age, or the environment. Some of the hair loss factors are temporary, whereas some hair loss problems are permanent in nature and the hair loss in such cases doesn’t stop unless the person is completely bald. It is said that hair loss victims of America spend more than $3.5 billion per annum.

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Temporary hair loss

Temporary Hair loss reasons can vary from mental stress to change of environment or even the chemotherapy or wrong medication and the hairs can always grow back right after the condition. Even in some cultures, it is tradition to shave off the hair in teenage to grow better and stronger hairs by massaging the bald area daily with oils, whereas, in some cultures, excessive hair must be removed from body in order to be considered normal so in such conditions of hair loss, you can get your hair back after some period of time.

Permanent Hair Loss

Permanent hair loss occurs due to the hormonal problem or health-related problem that causes the follicle of hair to stop growing the hair and leaves the patient with dead hair cells. The process of deadening of hair cells can be slow or it can be fast depending upon the factor influencing the condition. As soon as the hair cell dies, the hairs start to weaken and in some time, you will experience hair loss till all of your hair is removed from dead cells and you are bald. Small bald patches are visible on women undergoing the hair loss and the condition can be corrected easily by applying the hair loss treatment in Dubai.

Hair Loss Treatment

There are several hair loss treatment options that allow the patient to get rid of permanent conditions of hair loss and it even allows the patient to get rid of bald patches from the patient’s head. The hair loss treatment boosts the confidence of the patient and it allows female patients to get their natural hairline and thickness of their hair back without any problem. The three major hair loss treatments in Dubai are as under;

Initial Hair Loss Treatments

As soon as you experience the hair loss problem, you should immediately consult the qualified dermatologist/Trichologist to get proper treatment before baldness. The most successful hair loss recovery option is essential oil massage. Oils must be applied directly from tip of hair to the root of the hair with essential oils mixed with Aloe Vera, coconut or lemon to revive the hair cells of the patient and provides strengthening of the patient’s hair and also returns the shine of the hair. Egg white, Amla, and other ingredients can also be used to provide better treatment to the patient.

Laser Light Therapy

Laser Light therapy is one of the most advanced forms of hair loss treatments in Dubai that provides non-invasive and non-surgical care to the patients at a very fast rate. Laser therapy is applied on patients infected hair to penetrate the skin surface and hit the hair cells to initiate regeneration of the hair cells. It is a highly professional procedure and can only be done under the supervision of qualified dermatologist/hair expert.

FUE Hair Transplant

You can gain your naturally dead hair back by undergoing the FUE hair transplant procedure that is an advanced form of hair loss treatment in Dubai which is designed especially to provide the users with natural hair line and hair that are better in strength and shine. The FUE transplant is done by extraction of the individual follicle to minimize the hair loss during the transplant procedure and to maximize the treatment outcome.

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Hair loss can be experienced by almost everyone in any part of the body and you can treat your hair loss in any part of the body by consulting the Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic.

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