Beard Hair Transplant: Top 5 Facts

Beards are so in these days and every other man is growing beard. Voluminous beards have become common nowadays but some flaws may discourage people to grow a beard. You will be surprised to know these 5 features of our beard hair transplant in Dubai. This blog post discusses 5 amazing things about beard hair transplant you have to experience it yourself. The hair transplant cost in Dubai will also be discussed.

If you want to have good beard volume or you have empty spots in your beard, this topic is for you.

5 Things About Beard Transplant

  1. You Pick Your Style

One of the promising features of beard hair transplant is that it allows the person to choose desired hair style. There are plenty of beard styles and you have the freedom to choose the one you hold dear.

  1. You Can Treat It Like Normal

If you have this procedure, you will be able to shave your hair if the need arises. After shaving, the hair will keep growing like it normally does. In other words, it is fine if you shave your beard hair. It will keep growing no matter how many times you shave.

  1. You Can Take About 3,000 Grafts

A person can have a good volume of hair but there is a limit though. You can have up to 3,000 grafts maximum and it is a great number for bread transplant. This number is for full beard; about 1300 grafts will be required if you need to have a goatee.

  1. Scalp Hairs Will Be Transplanted

If may be new to you that scalp hair will be removed to be transplanted at the beard area. It is only possible if the texture of your beard and scalp hairs match.

  1. Transplanted Hair Will Fall Out Quickly

After beard hair transplant in Dubai, the new hair will fall one by one. By you do not need to worry because it is normal. The hair will grow naturally and will keep growing.

Grow Beard Like a Man! 

You have read five important features of beard hair transplant. If you want more beard volume or you have patchy bread, you should consider beard hair transplant in Dubai.

If you are facing this issue, you might be interested in knowing hair transplant cost in Dubai.

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