Are Shampoos for Hair Loss Really Effective?

shampoo for hair loss

We often see shampoo manufacturers making high claims to reduce hair loss. Is there any way a shampoo can help you control hair loss? If we look at the reasons of hair loss, we can notice that genes and hormonal fluctuations are two primary causes of hair loss. These two factors constitute more than 95% of hair loss among males and females. There is no shampoo that can address either of this! Does it make shampoos useless? No, shampoos have certainly their place among hair care products; they do a primary function—cleaning our hair. Read the following paragraphs to know the ways we can use shampoos effectively to have beautiful hair.

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How Shampoos Can Help to Control Hair Loss?

The basic function of a shampoo is to clean our hair; and cleaning is an important function indeed. Sebum is natural oil that spreads on our hair to protect them and keep them supple. However, when sebum accumulates on our hair and scalp, dirt, pollution, and bacteria finds its place in this oily substance. This causes smell and irritation on our scalp. A shampoo cleans our hair and scalp, and makes our hair bacteria-free and manageable. When our hairs are clean and manageable, they are less susceptible to breakage.

In addition to the basic function of cleaning, most shampoos contain conditioning agents nowadays. Conditioners in these shampoos moisturize and strengthen our hair. Although shampoos do not prevent the basic cause of hair loss, the can help us to have healthy, neat, and beautiful hair.

How to Pick the Right Shampoo?

Most shampoos are good at their basic job—cleaning. However, you should use the shampoo, which feels right to you. You feel nice when you cross your fingers through your hair. The right shampoo leaves your hair shiny and manageable. Furthermore, knowing your hair type can help you to get the most out of your shampoo. Here are three basic typed of hair. Please note that your hair may be somewhere in-between any two types.

Fine Hair

  • Tends to be drooping
  • Lack volume and often look flat
  • Difficult to hold a hairstyle
  • Often becomes greasy

Normal Hair

  • It is neither too dry nor greasy
  • It is not dyed, permed, or straightened
  • You can easily style it without using lot of products
  • It looks well most of the time

Dry Hair

  • It looks dull and becomes frizzy easily
  • Looks rough and lifeless
  • It has been treated frequently with hair straightener, perming agents, or colorings
  • It tangles easily

Picking the right shampoo and conditioner according to your hair type is the best to control hair loss.

Medicated Shampoos for Hair Loss Treatment

In addition to ordinary shampoos, there are some medicated solutions to treat different conditions of hair and scalp and make them healthy and beautiful. Most importantly, a solution containing ketoconazole can be used as a shampoo twice a week. This solution comes under different brand names including Nizoral, Extina, and Xolegel among others. You should make leather and leave it for 3-5 minutes on your scalp. It is FDA approved to treat fungal infections and dandruff. Some trichologists prescribe Polytar liquid for skin conditions. It is always advisable to contact a trichologist or dermatologist for prescription of appropriate product.

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