Are Hair Transplants Expensive?

Cosmetic treatments normally have a high price but all beauty treatments are not expensive. Hair transplants are neither cheap nor expensive. They are known for delivering wonderful hair restoration results. How much does hair transplant cost in Dubai? Let’s discuss this important question in detail. This blog post explains how costly can a hair transplant be. If you want to regrow hair on thin or bald areas, this topic is for you.


Hair Transplants are Not Expensive

Cosmetic treatments cannot be performed by traditional surgeons who perform normal surgeries. There are specializes surgeons who master the science of esthetic enhancement. Such distinguished surgeons also have artistic hands that enhance people’s appearance.

That is why their rates can be higher. On the other hand, cosmetic treatments such as hair transplants are highly personalized treatments that required in-depth analysis and planning. Various factors are considered while calculating the cost of surgical hair restoration. Let’s discuss those factors below.


How Much Does a Hair Transplant Cost?

A number of variable factors influence the cost of hair transplant and that is why different candidates have to pay a different amount. The expertise of hair restoration surgeon is important to consider because a person cannot get desired results if the right professional has not been selected.

The geographic location and service quality of the provider also defines the price. Two other cost-defining factors are the hair transplant technique used and the number of hair grafts required by the treatment candidate. The latest techniques to perform hair transplants cost a bit more.

Most clinics use a “per graft” pricing plan and the total cost of the procedure is calculated by identifying the number of hair grafts that person needs. If the cost per graft is AED 20 and a person needs 1,000 hair grafts, the cost can be AED 20,000.


Hair Transplant is Worth Time and Money 

You may be interested in having it if you want to grow hair on bald or thin areas. To know how much is hair transplant cost in Dubai, please feel free to get in touch with us anytime.

You have read hair transplants are neither cheap nor expensive. If you need assistance in paying for it, our financing option can make it easy for you to pay in monthly installments.

Considering the quality of service and level of expertise, our rates are quite reasonable. Get in touch anytime and schedule a consultation session with a hair transplant surgeon.

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