After care of hair transplant surgery

Whether you have undergone hair transplant surgery for the first time or hair restoration revision surgery, you are beyond excited to show your new look to family and friends. But during your healing period, you need to take some precautions that will maximize the outcome of your hair transplant surgery. The surgeon who has done your hair transplant will probably provide you with a list of post op care. Follow that as best as you can and consider these tips to maximize the results.

You want to make sure that you heal as quickly as possible. Sunlight is extremely damaging to your sensitive skin and will hinder the healing process. The surgical treatment will make your skin and pores sensitive to the sunlight. Stay indoors as much as possible to avoid direct sunlight. If you have to go outside, try wearing a stylish scarf or a big hat. Make sure that the scarf and hat are not too tight on your head, otherwise they will rub with the newly transplanted hair follicles and it might damage them. Wait for a few weeks after surgery, and replace the cap or scarf with a spray based sunscreen with at least SPF 30.

The proper blood circulation will also promote quick healing. And will benefit the hair restoration revision surgery. Make sure to take sufficient iron in your diet. You can also incorporate an iron pill after consulting with your doctor. Make sure to sleep with you head elevated with pillows to ensure proper blood circulation to your scalp. You can utilize wedge shaped pillows for this particular purpose.

Try to avoid extremely strenuous activities immediately after the surgery. Your body needs rest to heal itself. Avoid exercising, excessive walking or lifting weights. It can put a strain on your body and scalp and can negatively affect the results of hair transplant.

It is vital to clean your scalp properly after hair transplant or hair restoration revision surgery. Usually hair transplant surgeon will advise you to get your scalp cleaned by the professional at hair clinic or the first few weeks. You will be advised to use a gentle medicated shampoo for your hair. Shampoo it gently and avoid excessive scratching or rubbing.

You will be required to get regular examination and checkups in the few proceeding weeks after surgery. Your health practitioner can check for any infections or problems and treat them timely.

Avoid the use of alcohol, nicotine and caffeine. They hinder the healing process and will negatively affect the hair transplant surgery. So, abstain from alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and excessive use of coffee and tea during the healing process.

It is important to discuss the everyday hair and scalp care routine with your surgeon. Ask him/.her every minor detail including shampooing, conditioning, how often you should wash your hair and which comb you should use. Remember, a little care goes a long way.

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