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Continuous advancements in surgical hair loss treatment have made hair transplant surgery better than ever. Now there are hair transplantation techniques available that offer highest success rate with minimal discomfort and scarring. One hair transplant method that is considered scarless is the latest Stem Cell FUE Method. This technique uses automated follicular unit extraction for harvesting of donor grafts, which allows over 50% hair regrowth in the donor area. So how is this procedure done and why it is a better option? Continue reading to know the answer:

What is Stem Cell FUE?

Stem Cell FUE is the latest advancement in the traditional Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Transplant. The latter involves manual extraction of donor grafts where the surgeon uses a small punch tool to remove grafts one by one. Stem Cell FUE, also known as Direct Automated FUE, on the other hand uses a specially designed automated punch tool to harvest the follicles at a faster speed.

What differentiates Stem Cell FUE from Manual FUE?

It is not only the graft harvesting speed that differentiates Stem Cell FUE from manual FUE. Another major difference between the two techniques is that manual FUE removes entire follicle, and thus does not allow hair regrowth in that area. Consequently, the patient ends with a pinhole scar in the area from where a graft has been removed. Automated FUE, on the other hand, removes only a part of the donor graft and leaves behind some part of the follicle from which new hair can sprout. Therefore, it does not cause any scar and is called scar less hair restoration.

Benefits of Stem Cell FUE Hair Transplant:

There are numerous benefits of this latest hair transplantation technique that make it a preferred choice among all other available hair restoration options. Some of the most notable benefits of Stem Cell FUE include:

  • It allows extraction of best quality grafts from the donor area without damaging or scarring the hair follicles
  • As stated above, it allows hair regrowth in the donor area and thus does not cause donor area scarring
  • Since it is a minimally invasive technique, it does not involve any cutting and stitching of scalp, and also involves minimal bleeding
  • As it does not involve incisions and sutures, recovery is also quite quick and generally uneventful
  • Another notable advantage of Stem Cell FUE Hair Transplant Surgery is that it has temporary side effects and no complications. Most patients resume routine activities within a couple of days following the surgery.

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If you are seeking a scarless hair transplantation technique, Stem Cell FUE hair transplant in Dubai may be worth considering. Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic also offers the procedure at highly affordable rates. If you are interested in a surgery, book a FREE CONSULTATION now by filling the form below.

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